Why Immigration does not help World Poverty.

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Why Immigration does not help World Poverty.

Immigration World Poverty and Gumballs 2010 – Immigration Doesn’t Work.
Presented by author/journalist: Roy Beck.
Global humanitarian reasons for current immigration are tested in this version of immigration author and journalist Roy Beck’s colorful presentation .Showing what will happen (AND DID) If we don’t stop importing the world’s poor.

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  • William Zabiski
    I agree. The loop hole is Australia’s permanent residency. This has been abused mainly by the mainlanders. With it, they don’t need to surrender their Chinese passports and maintain its citizenship. Then, how do you expect loyalty. It’s Australia’a fault.

  • How to increase the housing price: create a demand for housing.
    How to create a demand for housing: increase the population.
    How banks make more money: sell more mortgages.

  • Christofer
    Melbourne was great at 2.5 million. Now at 5 million, there are many more issues and seems like no one cares. Feels nice to finally hear someone talking about this subject.

  • Guy
    It’s a disaster. It’s only good for property developers, Councillors and real estate agents. Go to Melbourne to see the devastation.

  • Mark
    This is what you get when the wealthy elites own the political elite.
    Wealthy elites want consumers by the millions, they don’t care what the country looks like.
    They don’t ever have to live in it.

  • JD
    Why doesn’t Australia provide affordable training and education for skilling their own citizens before opening up the doors to the rest of the world.

  • The Last Toilet Roll
    Humans are literally being farmed. We pay way more to receive way less than previous generations and are choked up in restrictions, rules and bureaucracy.

  • Cincin
    Kenneally is just parroting what she thinks people want to hear. Pauline Hanson has been saying this for years and she was called a rascist.

  • Cedric Walker
    It also decays away at your culture. When they come as economic refugees, they do not assimilate into the native culture. They seclude, grow, organize, and then use democracy to functionally alter your culture to their value system. Trust me… I live in Minnesota. The home of “Little Mogadishu” which is the second largest population of Somalian Muslims in the world only behind Somalia! They resent Westerners. If I offered my hand in friendly gesture, 8 out of 10 would decline it. Vet your immigration. You have the right and, in my opinion, the obligation and duty to only bring in immigrants that have something to offer the Australian community. If applied on principles of individualism… it’s not racist, sexist, homophobic, or prejudiced. It’s just assessment based on quality and content of character and record of action. That is an objective standard and principled prerequisite, as well as pragmatic and logical. Anyone that tells you unfettered immigration benefits working class citizens is a guaranteed globalist or secular humanist of some variant.

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