What is a Woman?

A rant: The quote comes from ‘BiNARY’.

“It is incredible to me that we live in a day and age where the Premier of NSW, a woman – refuses to define what the term ‘woman’ actually means. As you know I have been pursuing all of the state and territory leaders, along with federal ministers asking them the most basic yet important questions. What is a woman? What is the difference between men and women? Most refuse to answer. Last week the NSW Premier’s office sent me this:

“As the matter raised falls under the primary responsibility of the Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women, it is appropriate that the Minister considers your correspondence and I have forwarded it accordingly.”

For the record, I have been asking the Minister for Women the same questions since February. Still no acknowledgement or answer.

It is not a difficult question. It is not rocket science. It is simple biological science that even a child with the most basic language skills can answer. Yet, the female leader of the largest state in Australia shows nothing but contempt to all women (and men) by playing political games. Gladys Berijiklian doesn’t need to refer this question to the Minister. She is the leader of the government, she is a woman, yet she defiantly refuses to be accountable to the people and answer a simple question.

This is absurd and this is dangerous. This nonsense has to be reigned-in before more of our precious children are harmed by this radical ideology.” – BiNARY


Why are we all pandering to a total minority of a minority group .. they make up about 1-2% of the population … yet expect the other 98% of us to go along with their mental illnesses? Why would we ever accept them for “who they are” when they cannot even accept themselves!

We should be discussing more important things like wealth inequality, government corruption, pollution, taking care of the elderly, looking after veterans, plastic waste in the ocean.. I could think of a million things.

The mental illnesses of these minorities should be treated as such and they should be locked in psychiatric wards for proper treatment…not given a microphone on the world stage to spew their filthy delusions!

Once again a MASSIVE waste of time and energy dealing with the degenerative and regressive mental illnesses of the left wing loonies. Just one freakish ideology after the other to undermine and ruin the great western civilisations.

What happened to the good old days when the freaks actually knew they were freaks and stayed the fuck out of everyone’s way!

When they hid away in the seedy back alleys of the dirty parts of town where all the normal people knew not to go.

Can we seriously start rounding up all the left wing loonies and put them on an island far away, legit! Go live in your own freak town and leave the rest of normal society alone!

(David Michael Francis Brown)

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