Uncover the Fraud and Treason

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Year 2000

On 5th September, 2000 the then State Attorney – General – Robert Hulls repealed the ‘Oath of Allegiance’ for all Lawyers from the ‘Legal Practices Act’, 1996 (Vic). He did so
without a referendum from the Victorian and/or the Australian Electors. This was a fraud on
all Victorian electors and has rendered all Lawyers, Solicitors and Barristers, Queen’s
Counsel, Magistrates, Judges and Justices, registered since the 5th September 2000, NULL
and VOID. They are not qualified to practice law under the Westminster system as per the
Supreme Court Act, 1958 (Vic) at Sections 14 & 15 which requires another National
Referendum as required by Section 128 to become valid.

Year 1999

23rd June 1999, the High Court Case – ‘Sue Vs Hill’ [1999] HCA30-CLR462 – The High Court found that, at least for the purposes of section 44 (i) of the Constitution, the United Kingdom is a ‘foreign power to Australia’. According to Sue Vs Hill, the State of Victoria Incorporated, and the registered name the ‘Treasury Corporation of Victoria, Incorporated, and located at 1 Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000 must also be considered a ‘Foreign Corporation’. Five months later, the AEC holds its National Referendum, in accordance with section 128 of the Commonwealth Constitution Act, 1900 (Cth) rendering the – ‘Treasury Corporation of Victoria (Inc.) – A Foreign Power in place of the State Government
of Victoria!

6th November 1999 – AEC National Referendum to vote on a ‘Republic’ or, retain the ‘Constitutional Monarchy’, the People of Australia voted in an overwhelming majority to retain the Constitutional Monarch – Her Majesty, Queen of the United Kingdom, and the Commonwealth (Including Australia).

From 1901 to the 3rd March, 1986, Australia had a reigning Constitutional Monarch, over and above the Federal Commonwealth Government, which is suppressed and concealed from the Australian Elector, since the disabled and defective ‘Australia Act (Requests) Act’, 1985 (Vic) Nullified and Voided Victoria’s request for the Australia Act, 1986.

On the 1st November 1999, ALL Government Institutions and Services and Utilities were corporatized for the preparation of a Republic takeover.

On the 6th November 1999 The ‘Republic’ forces LOST and the Constitutional Monarch won by a large majority.

On the 7th November 1999 the Corporatized Government DID NOT revert back to a Constitutional Monarchy but chose to keep the Governments and Departmental Authorities as a Corporations. (Please visit ‘ABN Lookup’ and type in any EX-Government entity).

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