Racism is the ‘worst’ thing in the world.

A touch of satire as we study the scenery.

Crime Statistics are Racist

– because they show very high black criminality.

Prisons are Racist.

RaceTotal Prison Population (%)Total US Population (%)
Native American2.301.30

The US prison system incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. There are more than two million people in prisons. This number represents twenty-five percent of all inmates in the world whilst the US contains only five percent of the global population. This system is broken. The downturn began in the early seventies when President Nixon called for a ‘War on Drugs’. Drastic prison sentences were given for drug-related offenses. Drugs are a social problem like alcoholism. The prisons are overcrowded and understaffed which has opened the way for private, profit driven enterprises. [1]

Police are Racist

  • because they don’t kill races by quota.

They kill white people.

Murderers are Racist

Black people are Racist

Rapists are Racist

Racists are Racist

Blacks are Racist against Blacks.
Whites are Racist against Whites.

It is tricky finding studies measuring racial attitudes among various races. There is an Associated Press poll from 2012 that examined this issue. The study looked at bias in blacks and whites. The results showed that:

  • 59% of non-Hispanic Whites expressed anti-Black sentiments.
  • 47% of Blacks expressed anti-White sentiments.

But there was another twist.

  • 30% of Whites displayed anti-White prejudice while
  • 43% of Blacks showed anti-Black bias.

A significant portion of both blacks and whites are racist against their own race!

Why is there the perception that blacks are more racist? It is socially acceptable for black Americans to openly express racist views and the loudest of the racist blacks seem to get the most attention.

On television, film, and in music, many Black entertainers have said derogatory things about Whites. Many blacks are a part of the social justice movement, which routinely demonizes Whites. They minimize the voices of whites whilst discussing the issues. On college campuses, Black students have demanded that they don’t want to room with White students.

IQ is Racist

Children are not Racist!

Violence is Racist

Pride is Racist

Friendship is Racist

Most whites don’t have many friends who are minorities. The Washington Post published a piece discussing a study showing that the average white person has 91 white friends and “one each of black, Latino, Asian, mixed race, and other races.” On the other hand, the average black person has eight white friends, two Latino friends, zero Asian friends, and three mixed-race friends. This is caused by the distribution of the population. There are more whites in the United States than any other race, so they tend to have fewer minority friends. They tend to live in areas where there at not a lot of minorities. As such, most whites do not know many black people. Whites base their judgments on the few blacks they befriend, the portrayal of Blacks on television, and in the newsprint.

Nonconformists are Racists

There is an urban legend that has been floating around for some years now, that the word racist was coined by Leon Trotsky, for the purpose of cowing and intimidating opponents of leftist ideology. In his History of the Russian Revolution Trotsky applied the word racist to Slavophiles, who opposed Communism.

Hadding Scott

The word ‘Racism’ is Racist.

The word’s etymology (the word race with a suffix added) does not indicate that the word is derogatory. Words like anarchist, communist, and fascist have a negative connotation for many people, but that is because of their perspectives on anarchism, communism, and fascism, not because the words are inherently derogatory. The words anarchist, communist, and fascist refer to an item that you may be positively or negatively disposed. But ‘racist’ has been pushed to denote somebody for whom race is a concern.

If the left uses a term with a negative feeling attached, our conservatives accept that what the term denotes is objectively negative. If leftists and Jew-controlled mass-media disapprove of racists and racism, our so-called conservatives will not dispute that value judgment; for the purpose of rhetoric they will even embrace it. Conservatives outwardly accept that racists and racism are bad, and will not challenge it.

National Vanguard [*]

As best that I can tell, The Communist Jew, Trotsky did not invent the word ‘racism’.

Irrespective, a racial indigenous minority wishing to preserve its culture, language, heritage, and genetics is not acting as racist unless it is the white indigenous people of Europe.

Burning pictures of White people is not Racist

The enraged Congoids at the University of Cape Town were not satisfied by the removal of the statue of “White racist” Cecil Rhodes, so they began defacing and burning works of art from the University’s museum with no other goal in mind except to, in their own words, “burn Whiteness.”

2015. Students in Cape Town caused national protests by demanding the University of Cape Town (UCT) to remove a statue of Cecil Rhodes, a Victorian imperialist who held ‘racist’ views. The statue was removed. Protests about statues of dead ‘racists’ soon spread around the world. Students demanded that Oriel College, Oxford take down its statue of Rhodes. (It refused.) The University of Texas at Austin has moved a bronze of Jefferson Davis, the Confederacy’s president, and will put it in a museum.

Meanwhile, back in Cape Town, UCT students moved through the campus stealing portraits of white historical figures and burning them.

They tweeted: “Whiteness is burning”.

Nature is Racist.

It appears that nature evolved to give us a tendency to live and work in groups to survive. This gives us a human tendency to identify with ‘us’ and ‘them’.

  • The outgroup engenders hate’.
  • The ingroup engenders ‘love’.

Why did nature give us the ability to hate. If hate existed, for what reason did it exist? Why does a dog bark at us when we walk past the dog’s home? It is a protective instinct to protect. The closer we live to each other, the greater one might expect the hate to grow between different groups.

Next to Urban Dictionary

A composite word invented by a wag for an explanational purpose:


  • Racism is a noun that supposedly means: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
  • Phobia is a noun that means: an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

Racismophobia is the fear of being seen incorrectly as a racist by normies and snowflakes for stating facts or using common sense.

Racismophobics are not racists, however they are constantly fearful of being seen as one due to societies current aversion to the word racist. This can stop them making rational decisions. They will take measures which are required for their own safety or the interest of others. This makes them weak and cucks to any person of color (poc), religion, or ideology.

Racismophobia has now overthrown common sense, morality, economics and science in such places as the UK, where it’s completely legal to marry your first cousin – keeping this practice illegal may make the political party look racist as it’s predominantly Indians and Muslims who marry their first cousins. Never mind that Muslim isn’t a race.
Even though birth defects are incredibly higher in babies born of parents who are first cousins, resulting in less enjoyment of life for the child and a big burden on the health system, education system and welfare system, being seen as rayciss is literally the worst thing in the world!Boss – lock away XYZ hair products as we’ve just finished a stocktake and those are the ones being stolen the most.
Worker – no we can’t do that, those products are used by African Americans and they might take offence to only their products being locked away..
Boss – it’s got nothing to do with race, simply those products are being stolen far more than others and we are losing money. But yeah you’re right, that would just look racist, I won’t take corrective measures to prevent loss from my business.

Cuz raycissim is literally the worst thing in the world!

The boss is suffering from racismophobia

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