Questions about Port Arthur

Written by Malcolm R Hughes

Still Think Bryant Is Guilty? OK, Answer These Questions.

by Malcolm R Hughes.

Barry Unsworth

How did Barry Unsworth come to make the prediction in December 1987 that, “there would never be uniform gun laws, until there had been a massacre in Tasmania?” Why Tasmania?

Why did Ray Groom sacrifice a ministerial position in Federal Parliament to take up a Tasmanian Parliamentary career about the time of the above statement by Unsworth?

Why did Ray Groom step down as Premier of Tasmania in 1996, but still retain several ministerial portfolios concerning the up-coming massacre?

Why did the Tasmania Government buy the Broad Arrow Cafe when all governments, State, and Federal were privatizing other ventures?

Why did the Tasmanian Government ask a Hobart funeral business to tender for a 22-berth freezer mortuary truck in the 12 months before the massacre when no other state had such a vehicle?

Why after the massacre was there an attempt to sell this truck, seeing as its use was so successful?

Why did the aforementioned funeral business buy mortuary boxes to handle the corpses in excess of 22, from a Victorian company, in time for the massacre?

How is it that Tasmanian Police Commissioner Richard McCreadie had Martin Bryant’s file before the gunman had been identified as “Martin Bryant”?

Broad Arrow Cafe

Why were there possibly as many as 30 intelligence agents present at Port Arthur that weekend?

Why were seven of those intelligence agents killed that day (two shot in the Broad Arrow Cafe and five at the scene where the killer exchanged the Volvo for the BMW)?

As the gunman was never reported as wearing gloves, why did the police never recover DNA or fingerprints from his eating tray, utensils, drink container, rifles or magazines said to have been used for the massacre?

Why did the police leave the window down of the abandoned Volvo overnight, causing dew to dissipate fingerprints from the steering wheel?

Why did the gunman need to take the BMW to Seascape when he already had transport via the Volvo?

Why did the gunman need to take Glen Pears as a hostage?

Why did the Victorian bank manager stand up and say, “No not here, not here” when the shooting started in the Broad Arrow Cafe, after which he was immediately killed?

Why wasn’t Roger Larner’s Witness Statement, in which he shows that Martin Bryant could not have been at Port Arthur at the time the shootings began, taken into account?

Why were these Witness Statements or any other favourable to Bryant, not shown to the Judge?

How did Police Commissioner Fielding purport to know there were no live hostages in Seascape, on Monday morning, if he didn’t have radio contact with the people inside Seascape?

Why was Mrs Carleen Bryant, who was escorted to Police Headquarters by police, not asked to identify the telephone caller’s voice from Seascape as her son Martin?

Why was Carleen not asked to persuade Martin to give himself up?

Why did Sergeant Dutton make false statements about the weapons supposedly used?

Why did Sergeant Dutton have a questioner threatened with arrest and escorted from a “Port Arthur Massacre” meeting held in Queensland?

Seascape Cottage

Why, when a sniper at Seascape requested to take out a gunman firing at helicopters, was he told, “negative, this has to happen, negative, this has to happen” (as was overheard by emergency workers on their radio)?

Why did Damien Bugg, the Public Prosecutor, write to Wendy Scurr and other very important witnesses before Bryant’s appearance, stating that they would not be required to give evidence?

Why did the Tasmanian Government confiscate Martin’s assets (approx. $1 million) making him unable to fund his own defence team?

John Avery

Why was John Avery unethically chosen as Byrant’s defence lawyer, given that he had represented the DPP against a witness in the same criminal case?

Why were military helicopters heard overhead most of the night, given that it was not legal at that time in Tasmania for even police aircraft to fly after sunset?

Why were Wendy Scurr and her husband, Graeme so persecuted by Tasmanian Police that they had to eventually leave Tasmania?

Why was Damien Bugg promoted to Commonwealth Public Prosecutor – and  given permission to operate that position from Hobart rather than Canberra?

Why was Justice William Cox rewarded with the appointment of Governor of Tasmania?

What happened to Benjamin Overbeeke, accused by some of being the real gunman?

Why was Federal legislation on gun control drawn up prior to the massacre?

How is it that a rifle handed in during a previous amnesty, was one of the weapons supposedly used in this massacre?

Why did John Howard lie to me personally, saying that the Port Arthur Massacre was outside the Commonwealth’s jurisdiction, even though he had already declared that there would be no enquiry and that the Broad Arrow Cafe was to be destroyed?

Why did the Australian Federal Police attempt to attack my computer three times with viruses and then crash it twice, after I had made attempts to contact the then Governor General, Michael Jeffrey, in regard to my information from civilian investigators on the subject of the massacre?

If the official story is true why did the Justice Cox have all official records locked away, initially for 30 years, (now extended to 45 years)?

What do the authorities have to hide?

Do you still believe that Martin Bryant is guilty of mass murder? If you do, I pity you, as I do Martin Bryant!


About the author

Malcolm R Hughes


  • Aussiemal September 2, 2019 at 3:50 pm

    Something that I missed out in the article: When Martin Bryant first pleaded “not guilty”, he was entitled to a trial by jury. However Justice William Cox refused to accept the plea of guilty, but nine months later he accepted immediately, pleas of guilty, with no evidence provided, as there was no evidence to link Martin to the crimes. How is this “justice”? It is not!

    This is another illustration, that justice in Australia is an illusion.

  • Douggie 2020-02-12

    How can a person who is registered with the Tasmanian Government as having an IQ of 66, have the mental capacity to plan, organize and execute this atrocity?

  • Wade 2020-02-11

    Setup from the start. Only an ignorant idiot would not want the truth being heard. Bryant is a patsie. I know for fact Bryant wasn’t the shooter.
    No one mentioned the fact that an American sub was there that day and sailed out 20 mins after shooting began rather than assist with the massacre!

  • Aussiemal 2019-09-02

    To keep the script at a reasonable length there were certain questions I did not raise. However Dee has brought up one topic.

    Who organised the journalist convention in Hobart, (the bottom end of the world), for that particular weekend? Who organised “code brown” exercise at The Royal Hobart Hospital,? Who organised the Australian College of Surgeons convention at the same venue, which finished at 1.30 pm on Sunday afternoon just in time to put into practise the information discussed as the last segment, “terrorist attacks and gunshot wounds”? Who organised for the senior staff of Port Arthur to travel to a destination, two hours away for a staff seminar on that day, an exercise that had never happened before or since.

    I believe that all these events were organised by the same very busy person. I have a name in mind but will allow others to contemplate.

    Who organised that police would not attend Port Arthur until 3.5 hours after the massacre was reported to Police Headquarters? Not even police from outlying police stations attended. Who made sure that no police officer closed the swing bridge, which could have prevented killer from leaving the peninsular?

    There are probably many more questions to asked. But Martin Bryant certainly did not have the intellectual or physical ability organise any of these actions.

  • John 2020-02-01

    How come (later) Senator Parry included in his report about the mortuary truck being made by Nelson Brothers IN ANTICIPATION of the event.

  • Christine 2020-02-09

    The two police officers stationed close by were sent on a wild goose chase before the incident.

  • Nemesis 2019-09-02

    As a one time recipient of the Australian Police Journal, a tri-monthly publication to police force members Australia wide – and one needed to be a registered police officer to receive it – and after the Port Arthur massacre I became aware of Sergeant Gerard Dutton of the Tasmania police force who was employed as a forensic expert and also FBI trained in ballistics and other related and unrelated forensic procedures. The current Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, was employed by the Queensland Police Service in a general duties capacity which is about as related to the Port Arthur massacre as is the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

    However, what got my attention about Sergeant Gerard Dutton was his ability to counter queries regarding his own knowledge on how a burnt out and obviously damaged and therefore ineffective firearm, could still fire off under ‘controlled conditions’ a round that put its signature as supposedly belonging to Martin Bryant.

    One needs to expand their thinking on many possibilities especially as to how ‘special agencies’, such as the FBI, have been used over the past decades to deceive us all while protecting those at the top of the human heap.

    On the road to that realization, should one pursue it, one must also take on board that the FBI became a politically controlled agency under J. Edgar Hoover who kept ‘dirt files’ on all the Presidents he supposedly ‘served under’. My question would be this as to the credibility of the FBI: To what extent has the FBI been used to subvert the role of law enforcement to enable the alphabet soup of so called ‘intelligence agencies’ world wide, and that includes our own, to carry on a Western based agenda to rid all Western nations of their firearms and for what ultimate purpose?

    If you can answer that question then you are well on your way to understanding the who and what that controls this world.

    And just to assist you along that journey of discovery here’s a little clue that Winston Churchill once quipped: “When people find out who really controls this world, and after they pick themselves up and dust themselves off, they carry on as if nothing happened.”

  • ANGE 2019-09-03

    What I find more disturbing is that NOT ONE investigative journalist or any of the current affair’s programmes will go near this case and openly present all the contradictions to the ‘story’ we have been fed! A 12 year old could figure out we have been fed nothing but lies and that Martin wasn’t the one who murdered all those people!

  • Aussiemal 2019-09-03

    I reopened this subject for discussion as I have noted new names being added to our comments section. These new people may not be aware of subject matter from the back issues of Gumshoenews.

    Yesterday I considered whether I should place a disclaimer in the comments section. Noting that my information was mostly not my investigative work but that of other writers.

    The first writer to get my attention of this subject was the now discredited Joe Vialls. Then I followed up with writings of ex-police officer Andrew McGregor, now defunct internet site editor@shootersnews.addr.com (Closed because of regular attacks) gunsmith Stewart Beattie, and Keith Noble compositor of other investigators findings along with his conclusions. My reactions from politicians and public servants also revealed that the official story was a load of crap.

    Some time ago I had email correspondence directly with Andrew McGregor, which provided important information, which at that time had not been answered in his works.

    I have permission from Andrew to “spread far and wide” the information in regard to the intelligence agents presence at Port Arthur, along with the names of the seven killed by the gunman. However it is an offence to name intelligence agents. How convenient for an organisation involved in criminal action?

  • Diane de Vere 2019-09-03



    Established networks
    British intelligence will trigger such terrorist events where it has control over the local media, and psychiatric, police, and intelligence networks.
    It has this control in Scotland, where a pedophile well known to police murdered 16 five- and six-year-olds and their teacher, in the town of Dunblane on March 13, 1996;
    It has this control in the Commonwealth nation of New Zealand, where five such massacres have taken place since 1990; and
    It has this control in Australia, to which numerous of Tavistock’s top operatives were deployed right after World War II.
    Australia, which has seen a dozen mass murders since the infamous “Hoddle Street massacre” of 1987, has been subjected to particularly intense Tavistockian profiling and manipulation–in part, no doubt, because Australia broke with the British Empire in World War II, and allied with Gen. Douglas MacArthur and America, against Churchill’s plans to cede Australia to the Japanese.
    As an island-nation, Australia also offered a “controlled environment” for Tavistock’s experiments; in turn, the most isolated part of Australia, the island-state of Tasmania, off the continent’s southeastern tip, has served as the perfect Tavistock laboratory.
    And, Tavistock specifies that, because of the power of the modern mass media, no matter where a terrorist attack takes place, the shock is felt worldwide–it is a “global event.”

  • Mary Maxwell 2019-09-03

    Car accidents. In Stewart Beattie’s book (which I interviewed for Gumshoe in 2016), he says a cop named Tony Bennett started to ask questions, as it were, and the next thing you know Tony’s son died in a one-car accident.

    Having now re-read my interview, I now offer this as Number Seven. It’s black-and-white on paper, in the Bulletin’s publication of John Avery’s first interview with Martin Bryant in Risdon.

    “Bryant: Okay, will there still be a case. I mean will there still be a trial?

    Avery: Well, we’ll talk about a trial or what we’re going to do in a moment, right. Now the next thing is do you understand legally why Mr. Gunson can’t act for you anymore?

    Bryant: I think because there’s no defence.

    Avery: Well, it’s not really that. Let me just explain something to you …Let’s use a simple example. There’s a fight in a pub and someone punches another person and he is charged with assault of that person. If that person goes to a Lawyer and says yes, I punched him but I’m going to go to Court and say I didn’t do it, it puts the Lawyer in a position of conflict because he can’t allow his client to go to Court and lie.

    Bryant: Oh yes.

    Avery: Right, now David Gunson I gather has found himself in an ethical problem because of what you have told him and what you want to do now, right.”

    GGGEEEEEEEZZZZZ. Your defense lawyer tells you you are not allowed to plead innocent.

  • The Vatican is behind disarming the public as well as the evil Zionist along with the Freemasons which is merely a front of the Jesuits.

  • Arlyn 2019=09-05

    December 23, 2015 at 8:39 am

    It reminds me of the black ops of the Hilton bombing by Special branch who were later disbanded. They tried to blame it on Tim Anderson and the Ananda Marga sect but finally after Tim Anderson was found not guilty and the evidence lead to

    Their spying had a collection of 60,000 secret index cards on organisations and individuals including politicians, judges and journalists. The Police Integrity Commission report tabled yesterday found Special Branch was “virtually unaccountable.”The examination of a cabinet in the Special Branch records room revealed firearms, weapons and detonators – some of which had been there for eight years and which the group’s commander admitted to having no knowledge about. The retention of “dirt files” on MPs, significantly increased the risk of “blackmail or extortion” through leaks, the report found.

    Between 1939 and 1997, Special Branch also established an additional 10,324 in-depth files however, all but 1079 had been destroyed & emdash; the report found their destruction might have been illegal. [my emphasis: this means the truth about the Hilton Bombing may never be know and shows they had a lot to hide.]
    Labeling Special Branch a “law unto itself”, Police Minister Paul Whelan vowed yesterday to ensure as many people as possible had access to their files.

    Terry Griffith, one of the policemen injured by the Hilton Hotel bombing, believes ASIO (Australia’s national secret service organisation) and the NSW Special Branch did the bombing. The information he has gathered suggests strongly that they arranged for the bomb to be planted and then to find it in front of the Australian and world media. This tactic would have halted strong public demands to close down Special Branch and reduce ASIO’s security powers. However, due to an apparent timing mishap, the garbage men arrived to empty the bin before the bomb squad, and it exploded in the garbage truck. The Security Forces then pinned the crime on Ananda Marga to cover their mistake.

    At the Hilton bombing inquest Griffith alleged that the private secretary of an unnamed Australian senator told him that he had spoken to an ASIO agent who had said ASIO were involved in the bombing. He said an army bomb disposal vehicle was waiting in the city at the time of the explosion (12.40 am) and Special Branch were observing the hotel from nearby, as part of a prearranged action.

    Griffith also gave evidence suggesting that even the then Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Fraser, may have known about the bungled attempt.

    He also said that a man called William Reeve-Parker had told him that an army officer had admitted planting the bomb by switching rubbish bins 24 hours earlier. A statutory declaration by Reeve-Parker was shown at the Hilton bombing Coroner’s inquest.

    I have been involved in the Edward split case, the Perry poison woman case and I was the state representative especially chosen by Betty Hocking in the Legislative Council in Canberra to bring attention to the Lindy Chamberlain case. All were a serious miscarriage off justice and all found innocent. I was also the state president in South Australia for the Vietnam Veterans Royal Commission into Chemical Defoliates Agent Orange where I researched, collected evidence and presented the evidence to the Royal Commission in South Australia.

    The Bryant Martin case is clearly another government black ops and the purpose was to disarm Australia. It is obvious it was and is a conspiracy by the government and its agencies and outside forces. This poor soul was selected, used and blamed without a trial. The so-called mainstream press and media were and are still complicit in this conspiracy and tragedy to Bryant Martin and Australia at large. It must be uncovered at all costs.

  • Arlyn 2019-09-05

    Now we know why the false flag was carried out in Tasmania. Tasmania would not go along with the gun control. So the Feds sent them a message.

    Does anyone know anything about this sub or is that a distraction?

    The Port Arthur Massacre – A Mossad Operation
    MrBeatle1963 3 years ago
    Those that served at the regiment know the truth. Many still have to hide what they know and face the lies. The SAS was not involved but know the real truth. Try looking and checking US naval sub records!!! A US sub sailed out 45 mins after the shooting.

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