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For most people the police are feared and disliked at the same time as disrespected. As well as being the first port of call when something goes wrong, they are seen as petty oppressors, harassers, intruders, enemies of free expression, corrupt, violent and too often used as government attack dogs. This must change, because this intrusiveness was never the role police were created to be. Originally, police were created to assist the public – to make people feel safe from crime and violence, while leaving them to enjoy their privacy and leisure as they wished. But increasingly governments have loaded up the police force to be their attack dogs, carrying out every petty and oppressive laws they think up, without considering how socially corrosive the effect would be. So I would like to bring police back into the fold, so to speak – back to their true role as protectors and heroes of the public, rather than the petty harassers they have become.

All aspects of drug enforcement will be removed from their jurisdiction, to be overseen by the health department as a social problem rather than a criminal problem.

All revenue related duties such as speeding and fines will be given to a new body – Traffic and Regulation Police, whose sole purpose will be the administration of fines of any kind.

Police will focus their activities specifically on murder, theft and corruption of all kinds, including corporate theft and fraud. Relieved of the petty harassment of having to enforce ridiculous drug and traffic laws, their social image will be much improved.

With peripheral responsibilities substantially reduced police numbers will be reduced and facilities enhanced.

Public transport officers will be disbanded in favor of the reintroduction of conductors and station attendants.

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