Pauline Hanson

Written by Stan Kipper

By Stan Kipper

She’s the people’s politician, she doesn’t take no for an answer, she’s 66, feisty, caring and definitely the most patriotic person that I ever had the good chance to meet.

It doesn’t really matter if you are rich, poor, a city, or rural dweller, as long as you have the people of Australia’s best interest at heart, you are completely at one with Pauline Hanson.

There aren’t many of her political foes that haven’t at one time had a go at knocking her off the political perch. From Howard, Tony Abbott and even that other loudmouthed spent force – Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, who famously said that Pauline wasn’t welcome in Canberra.

Yes they’ve all taken turns to have a shot at our Pauline, Labor’s loony extreme left spend every waking hour trying to come up with devious ways to destroy her, and the more time they spend the more they destroy their own political party.

The Greens, Antifa and just about every other extreme left wing loony movement also love to try and antagonise her, but like paper through a shredder she destroys their socialist political ideologies leaving them discarded in the bin.

This year in Queensland Pauline has assembled a force to take on Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Labor Party at the upcoming state election on Saturday the 31st of October, many patriotic Queenslanders see this year’s election result as critical for the future of the state’s economy.

Palaszczuk has sent Queensland to near financial ruin, she’s also attacked small and large business – the engine room of prosperity, she’s attacked our country cousins, our farmers who’ve just come through the worst drought in living memory, she’s told our mining workers that they need to re-skill.

Perhaps she’d like us all in her bloated public service so that we must also take orders from her and the loony and dishonest extreme left party.

I recently had the pleasure to view the inspiring story of Helen Reddy, a fearlessly ambitious and passionate singer who wrote and sang the song “I Am Woman”. It’s the most inspiring song I think I have ever listened to, every time I hear the words I think of our Pauline.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is ready to drive our state back to prosperity for every Queenslander.

Pauline Hanson – ‘She is woman, hear her roar, we’re in numbers too big to ignore’.

It’s time to build ONE NATION in EVERY state with a good solid team, with candidates in EVERY electorate for the State and Federal Elections.

It’s time to vote the MAJOR PARTIES and their COHORTS OUT!!!

If you are a Queenslander, it’s nearly time to paint the State ORANGE!

Heartless Labor has got to go.

Let’s start in Queensland and then hit every state in the next two years with a fresh coat of orange.

Let Nationwide Change begin here, let it begin now & let it begin with you & I casting our vote for ONE NATION.

I hear Orange is the new black in 2020 😉😉😉

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