Legal Culture

Written by Andy

We have the aim of promoting a legal culture based on respect for human dignity and rights.

The people of our society are constantly being confronted with various radical ideologies that aggressively question the existing social order. Such ideologies are not aimed at improving or healing society, but instead seek to destroy its very foundation, including the foundation for our nation that is clearly confirmed and affirmed by our Constitution, the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia 1901. We need to be careful that an illusion of stability covers an increasingly fragmented society where foreign and other influences could drag our politicians into war or send us into monetary collapse causing a loss of social order.

There is a need for lawyers to become actively involved in the defense of the Constitution and for our defense forces to defend us against foreign espionage influences destroying us from the inside. Foreign controlled media can lead the populous to inappropriate thinking and foreign controlled corporations can have great sway over the political process.

There is also a need to heed the ‘Common Decency’ message of Jesus. Jesus gave us a simple rule: “Be good to others.” Even the police occasionally recognize this as in this statement:

Deputy commissioner Shane Patton said he would also personally review every fine issued for failing to comply with coronavirus restrictions. “If some of those aren’t properly issued or don’t pass the common sense test they will be withdrawn,” Mr Patton said on Tuesday.


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