Identity politics and the Marxist lie of white privilege

Written by Jordan B Peterson

Let us look into the ideology on the radical side of the leftist spectrum, and to specifically address the idea of white privilege.

Identity politics and the Marxist lie of white privilege.
Nov 14, 2017


Ben Olson
45,000,000 – Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, Siberia…)
100,000,000 – China (since Mao Zedong)
1,670,000 – Cambodia
3,800,000 – Vietnam
35,000 – Cuba
201,000 – Guatemala
6,120,440 – Venezuela (murdered by security forces or currently starving)

The above numbers are low estimates/reports of how many humans were murdered or starved to death by their own countrymen under communist and socialist movements; many of them were engineers, teachers, professors, historians, and peasant farmers who had the audacity to crawl out from serf status to own their own land… All of these numbers are unrefuted facts and can be confirmed with even a cursory search.

How many times should you run an experiment before you give up on a failed ideology? Socialist ideas have been tried in many parts of the world, across many cultures. To quote George Orwell, “People who subscribe to Marxist ideals do not really care about the poor, they just hate the rich.” Resentful of anyone who has worked hard for something, they stir up the poor to enact policies which put them in power so they can rule over poor as slaves. Anyone who will not be made into a good, willing slave, must be killed or shipped off to labor camps.

If anyone ever comes to you suggesting America should “redistribute the wealth”, this person is blind, arrogant, and/or malevolent. They are really saying, “I believe I know more about socialism than all of the people who came up with these ideas.”

Adam Ivany
This man should go down as one of the greatest Canadians of all time.

My white privilege dictates that I can’t even state actual federal crime statistics without having my comment deleted.

LL Blackhawk
I am multi-racial, and white Europeans worked hard to build their nations. I am married to a white man, and he is not a racist. He owes no one an apology for his white skin. His priveleges comes from years of hard work!

Gorilla Nipples
White privilege is a term made up by angry, bitter, and ignorant people, who never succeeded in life, and want to take out their anger on someone else. I have seen, and met so many non-white people who are incredibly successful, and motivated, giving me great advice and help. But I am sick and tired of people who don’t even try in life, and blame all of their problems on white people. You call yourselves “progressives”, “woke”, and “anti-racist”, yet you heehaw like a bunch of jackasses, and practice racism every single day. You’re firefighters with flamethrowers, wondering why the house is still on fire.

Tom Tatzel
When I first started watching JP’s YouTube videos I thought “damn this is a smart man.” The deeper I dive the more I realize that above smart he is good. He has a moral compass that few in this world possess. It is obvious by his actions that he doesn’t just talk the talk about self examination, he walks the walk.

I’ve never appreciated Jordan as much until now. The school I work at in the U.K. during lockdown following the riots started adopting postmodernist ideology. I’ve had emails referring to white privilege, decolonisation of the curriculum, a new definition of racism and white fragility. I plan to put my neck on the line in September and fight back against this. We risk indoctrinating the younger generation.

In these times it makes me wonder if Jordan B Peterson was poisened or made sick. Because his ideas are like kryptonite to the new world order, BLM etc.

BLM has created racial tensions that did not exist previously.

Ndabe Zitha
Black Privilege:
George Floyd (black): killed by cops – cops arrested – media coverage.
Tony Timpa (white): killed by cops in exactly same way – cops still work – no media coverage.

This is pure gold:
“It isn’t necessary for us who are trying with the small part of our hearts that might be oriented towards the good to allow people who are manipulating us with historical ignorance and philosophical sleight of hand to render us a goddamn guilty about what our ancestors may or may not have done so that we allow our shame and our guilt to be used as tools to manipulate us into accepting a future that we do not want to have.”

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