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Fox News defends George Soros in a bizarre interview.

Fox News had a bizarre exchange with Newt Gingrich during an interview, where he refused to acknowledge George Soros’ role in funding the riots across the country. Why did this even happen, and what’s behind it?

Fox News DEFENDS George Soros in BIZARRE Interview – What Is Really Going On?


Judy Gwen
I’ve been watching every video I can find on this situation that happened and haven’t found anything from Newt yet. The only thing anybody’s come up with is that Soros has bought their silence.

Diane DeVaul
Glenn Beck said before he left Fox he was told he couldn’t talk about three things. Soros was one of them.

A Taylor
Soros has stocks in Fox so they better not say anything about him!

Dennis Young
All MSM is under media matters, which is owned by Soros. They can’t report on their satanic commander.

Thomas Tessier
Anyone who defends Soros hates America and turns a blind eye to evil.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” – Voltaire

Fox news is now fake news. Not as bad as CNN, but still pushing narratives.

Joyce Pruitt
Melissa Francis was the first to say anything and Marie Harf was the second one..Harris didn’t say anything so she’s just as guilty!

Shell H
That was crazy! I liked those ladies until just then.

Dennis Young
Newt should’ve asked her if she’s on the Soros payroll. She is.

Man Spider
You have to prove crimes like that.

Kenneth Whitaker
Fox is run by America haters.

Grace Cheri
Many of them appear to be fearful.

gail drake
Actiblue known to take Soros money for rioters and looters.

I think he was just in such shock that he was not allowed to mention George Soros.

There goes your credibility Melissa. What a Joke. The money is from his foundations.

Zte Axon
Blind eye? They are complicit and accountable.

Here are some George Soros quotes:

Everybody says that I have a lot of power. But what does that power consist of?… Can I influence governments? I am beginning to be able to…”

George Soros in 1995

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