Died fourteen hours after vaccination.

Written by gad123

Took him in to get his 2 month vaccines and after being more sleepy than normal with his regular feedings which I did wake him up to feed him…..KAINE DIED 14 HOURS AFTER RECEIVING THOSE VACCINES. Do your research please! Why does it say on the Dtap Vaccine that your baby can die of SIDS as a SIDE EFFECT??!! Wake up before your baby dies or is injured from these “safe” vaccines….smh…..Btw he did not sleep for 14 hours straight. He DIED 14 HOURS AFTER RECEIVING THE VACCINES. LOOK AT THE MANUFACTURERS INSERTS BECAUSE IT SAYS IN BLACK AND WHITE THAT AS A SIDE EFFECT SIDS CAN HAPPEN?? Why?? That doesn’t make sense! SIDS IS SUDDEN INFANT DEATH…it’s actually should say VIDS VACCINE INDUCED DEATHS…..Start asking these doctors and nurses these important questions!………A lot of people have been sharing this post and saying well all medicine has a side effect of death….say that to yourself when you look in the mirror when it’s your baby that is dead and buried six foot in the cold ass ground. Duh!! Every drug does but why aren’t they telling us as parent this from jump. Why don’t they tell you that if your baby does die or your child has a reaction to the said vaccine YOU CANT SUE THEM?!!? Why do they hide all these facts? Why all the damn secrecy? Wake up before it’s your baby that’s dead or hurt.

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