Brendon O’Connell on Iran, Israel and freedom of speech in Australia.

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Today we welcome Brendon O’Connell back to the show. Brendon was convicted in 2010 under controversial anti-discrimination laws after posting a series of Youtube videos depicting Israel as a “racist, homicidal regime”.

After his release, Brendon continued with his activism and was charged again, but fled to Iran while on bail. He joins us today from Kuala Lumpur.

Brendon talks of the infiltration of Australian security networks, telcos, banking and medical systems in Australia by Israeli intelligence operatives. He also talks about his experiences in Iran and his understanding of the political currents in that country.

Finally, Brendon goes through some of the issues regarding legislation in Australia which threatens freedom of speech and his intention of taking his case to the High Court.

A highly unusual and eye-opening interview!

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  • Veri T..
    I think O’Connell isn’t crazy at all – there’s ample evidence that the world is governed by the globalists / Zionists, and that no career-minded politician would dare to question the Zionist agenda.

    Some example texts:

    Israel’s International Conspiracy: Nearly every western country has an Israel lobby

    British MPs working for Israel

    How the Israeli Lobby Works in the United States

  • Haut
    Brendon, thanks – you have made me aware of soooo much infiltration of the Jew. Absolutely astonishing. Now I know why the world is the way it is. Thankyou !

  • Eugene Donnini
    On one hand I admire some of the work Brendan has done, on the other, I don’t agree with his approach. All his cloak and dagger stuff may be true, and that is something that should concern us all. The problem I have with him is that he tends to lump Jews into one big conspiratorial basket, every man, woman and child. If that is not his intention, that is certainly how it comes across to me, who is not Jewish, and I can see how your average Jewish person would feel threatened and offended. For years I have been an opponent of Zionism, Marxism, Islamism and left-wing racism and have written extensively on the subjects, but have always seared clear of any idea that suggests “collective guilt or blame” which is the domain, in my opinion, of racists and ignoramuses, both left wing and right. There are fanatical Jews and racist Jews, there are also Jews who don’t give a fuck about the religion; there are Jews who oppose the state of Israel Jews who support it and Jews who are undecided. There are some Jews who wouldn’t live in Israel if you paid them, and some who would not live anywhere else. There are some Jews who believe Israel is in need of reform. There is also a school of Jewish rabbis who are anti-Zionist and who think the state of Israel is an abomination. In terms of Marxism, I also strongly oppose its promotion of racism against “white” people on the basis of their skin color and their assumption that Caucasian humanity is somehow responsible for all the ills of the world. Historically this is total bullshit and is used as a weapon of propaganda to further advance totalitarianism. I also oppose mass Muslim migration to the west, for obvious reasons which are to do with the numbers involved (which are ludicrously high); the fact that these people will never be able to find work or permanent accommodation and that their anger and frustration will further increase the frequency of terrorist attacks…there are also very serious assimilation problems in relation to their religious beliefs. I also support the work of Muslim reformists and critics like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born Dutch-American activist who exposes Islam and works very hard to preserve western civilization and its values. I would also remind people that it was Israeli sources who first alerted the world to the plight of Christian communities in the Middle East, who were and are still being slaughtered and persecuted in tens of thousands…it was also Israel who rescued many and offered them permanent accommodation in Israel. Further, I just don’t see how the rise of Islam in Europe and elsewhere is of benefit to Israel. Brendan’s critique is a valuable contribution, but the problems are not as clear cut as he believes. As for Joanne Fleming,..at least she has freedom of speech going for her, nothing much else. https://www.facebook.com/groups/380772688939812/

  • Oh the irony. I seem to remember a fascist regime in Nazi Germany that also banned free speech. Nonetheless Brendon is right. It was groups of global financiers who were primarily Zionists that threw regular Jews under the bus to their Hitler henchman who they financed in order to set up the state of Israel. Hence the reason the main drag is called Rothschild Blvd and the Rothschild’s financed the construction of all the government buildings. All is deception orchestrated by Zionist Jews and those that march along with them for profit.

  • Jan R***********
    With a name like Abrams you’re Jewish I take it? Also it’s a Jewish trait to ridicule everything truthful about Jews.

    Of course & everything they say is a damn lie like the HOLOHOAX!

  • Robert C********
    If he’s so mentally ill why is he being prosecuted for being a criminal? Why is he not in a metal health ward? Looks like your statement has flaws. Why can so many from numerous nations attack Muslim’s, openly? Why can you criticize CATHOLICS, PROTESTANTS OR PERSIAN? Or any religion other than Orthodox Jew’s?

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