Big Pharma and Lucy Turnbull

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Big Pharma and Lucy Turnbull

“……If you think the former PM is pushing vaccines because he cares deeply for the health of ordinary Australians, think again. Lucy Turnbull is chairman of the pharma corporation Prima Biomed and is the former PM’s Big Pharma wife. She has worked closely with Big Pharma giants GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis. The Sydney Morning Herald in 2015 reports that the Turnbulls were listed as “the third biggest shareholder” in Prima Biomed.

The Two Assumptions Underpinning the Push for Australian Mandatory Vaccines

There are two fundamental assumptions behind Turnbull’s ploy. The first assumption is that of herd immunity. I have discussed this concept in an earlier article entitled Herd Immunity vs. Viral Shedding: Who’s Infecting Whom?, but here’s the basic point: herd immunity is based on faulty logic and numerous assumptions. It assumes vaccines work, it assumes the vaccinated don’t carry disease and it assumes vaccine-induced immunity is as good as natural immunity. As it turns out, it may in fact be the vaccinated who are spreading the disease through viral shedding.

The second assumption is that the State or the Government has the power to force you to take any medicine it deems fit for the sake of “public safety”. Of course, protecting public safety is a legitimate function of Government, but where it gets tricky real fast is that dictators, autocrats and tyrants always (almost without exception) justify their draconian acts by claiming they are protecting the public. It’s always the same excuse. How many times have we heard the hackneyed phrase national security? At a certain point we have to evaluate whether it’s more important to preserve individual rights, liberty and sovereignty – or the “rights” of the abstract “group”. Who owns your body? You or the Government?

Here’s the bottom line: forcefully medicating people without their informed consent is a drastic and extremely coercive step, even if herd immunity were a completely watertight theory and even if every single vaccine were safe and effective – two rather big, fat and rotund “ifs”. However, the entire concept of informed consent is being watered down…..”

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