Battling a drug addiction is a beast.

Written by Anonymous

Once an addict always an addict. Everybody has their own opinions on drug addiction, but until you’ve been there, your opinion means nothing. Yes, they chose to abuse a drug thinking they can control it or know when enough is enough.There are some lucky ones who have beat it, but don’t think that because they’re still alive that life is sweet. They fight everyday , all day, to stay clean. It’s a constant battle from the time they open their eyes until they close them and it never goes away.

Most are good people who made a bad choice.

Battling a drug addiction is a beast for the person addicted and the ones who love them.

So, in loving memory of every family member and friend who has lost their battle with drugs and for those who continue to conquer it, put this on your page for one hour if you know someone who has or had an addiction.

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