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The common shout of the Feminists is:

My body. My choice.

But there is an error. The fetus is not her body. It is a new body. It is a new human. Whether she believes the propagandized chant, it is still the killing of a new human — the killing of a human in its defenseless stage.

The fact is that the fetus is an individual organism that consumes, expels, reproduces, reacts to its environment, and has it’s own DNA. Once implanted, it dictates it’s own growth and the mother’s body nourishes the offspring’s body in it’s naturally intended environment. It is a new human in formation. It is not a woman’s body. It is a new individual. Whether invited or not, it is a new Australian from the day it is conceived. Sex was made enjoyable so that humans would partake in sex. It is part of human biology that sex produces baby humans.

The most gruesome is the tearing of a child from a woman’s womb after a heartbeat can be heard.

An unborn child is a human person whose life has value and deserves to be protected by our society.

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