A Russian on ‘US prison nation’.

The United States as a state is most comfortable in the role of a totalitarian concentration camp. They are not just “not free” – they are their modus Vivendi, a way of being.

There are immutable basic criteria that are the starting points in any reasoning. Well, for example, a lecher and a pedophile cannot be a judge in matters of morality. In no case should an aggressive psychopath give power to those around him. It is foolish to cook pilots without checking them for fear of heights, and sailors for resistance to pitching. Etc. But for some reason, the whole world, as if on command, turns a blind eye to a no less glaring example of a clear violation of common sense – that the United States of America undertakes to teach everyone in a row humanism, respect for human rights, democracy and other “achievements of civilization”, while being the most unfree place on Earth.

Yes, dear readers, you were not mistaken – it is the MOST unfree! Not communist China with its Xinjiang Uygur “regional concentration camp” and a punitive system of social rating. Not super-criminal Brazil with its endless favelas and not Mexico, where not even the police, but the army are fighting with huge gangs of drug cartels. And yes, this is not Russia, where – as the Western media love to moan – everyone and all sorts of human rights are violated right now every second. Namely, the “shining city on the hill”, where the largest number of prisoners in the world per capita and – which is very important! – the largest number of convicted to life imprisonment. In other words, both quantitatively and qualitatively, the US is ahead of the rest! Oh yes, they almost forgot, the death penalty is there too and is regularly used.

Dry numbers: in the USA right now there are 2 million 121 thousand 600 people in prison. To assess whether it is a lot or a little – in the USSR in the mid-1970s, about 800 thousand people were convicted by the courts a year. However, he was convicted – this does not mean that he was sentenced, there were a significant number of sentences with a suspended sentence, sent to a penal colony, etc. In terms of population, the then Union was slightly inferior to the current United States, and there were about three times less prisoners. And who is the “Empire of Evil” now, and who is the Free World?

By the way, probably everyone wanted to know how it was under Bloody Stalin, because decent and handshake people have long convinced us to believe in the holy Victor Suvorov, who claimed that as many as 10 percent of the entire population sat in the GULAG, and Solzhenitsyn, who boldly wrote down tens of millions there. And again, a surprise: for some reason, the total number of convicts was almost equal to calm Brezhnev’s times – in 1952, 969 thousand people were sitting. And in 1937 – 887,000.

But for some reason, the United States does not have its own Alexander Isaich, who would passionately broadcast about the “prison country”, about the totalitarian state and about the nation sent to the barbed wire. Although there is every reason for this.

Now in Russia a little more than half a million people are sitting. In percentage terms per 100,000 of the population, this is even less than in the USSR.

What can we say about us – in the THIRD REICH, on the eve of the start of the Second World War, the total number of concentration camp prisoners was 25 thousand people! And this is not some kind of “revisionism”, but the data of the Jewish Encyclopedia. If Himmler looked into the future and found out about the US prison empire – would he laugh or cry? ..

And how are things not with quantity, but with the quality of punishment in America? 162 thousand people in the U.S. have been sentenced to life imprisonment, and very many have been sentenced to several at once (grimaces of American law, an insured convict from parole: even if you are recognized as dismissed on one charge, you may not be recognized for the rest and not released). And more than 45 thousand may not even dream of submitting a petition for early release.

The most amazing thing (in a terrible sense!) Is that among them there are even 11-year-old children – for example, George Brown killed his pregnant stepmother at that age and went to prison until the end of his days. Is there anyone else who wants to recall the law on family members of the enemies of the people? It’s not a question, let George Brown strike back in this dispute. And they didn’t block him in the special boarding school, but for life in the adult zone.

Do you know how many “life prisoners” are in terrible proprietary Russia? A little over two thousand! Just weigh these numbers – 160 thousand “lifelong” in the USA and two thousand in “terrible totalitarian” Russia! And among them there are neither minors nor women. It is simply amazing how our undemocratic, completely barbaric country could reach such a fall, to such depths of totalitarianism! But we also do not have the death penalty!

In fact, if you simply look at things with an open mind, it becomes unclear: what is the point in general for American justice to keep these 160 thousand “eternal prisoners”? If this is a measure of intimidation of potential criminals, then somehow it does not seem like it works. Why couldn’t they be given sanctioned terms of 10-15 years even for serious crimes? Is this not enough even for repeat offenders and members of organized crime groups?

The fact is that in the USA there has recently been a “rule of three mistakes”, according to which the third violent crime can be considered the basis for a sentence of life or 25 years. One drunken brawl, the second, the third – and the “Knight Divist” finds himself a “prisoner of If Castle”. Humanely, right? It is simply amazing how wild Russians without such draconian measures manage to have 4 times less criminals ?!

The opener paradox (so to speak) is that there is no serious, loud public discussion in the world and in the States themselves on this subject. Well, almost one percent of the adult population sits themselves – so what? Everyone is happy with everything! But if you put Khodorkovsky in Russia, then the “most free state in the world” has eyes on his forehead with indignation.

All this allows us to conclude: the USA as a state, as a system of organization of society, most comfortable in the role of a totalitarian concentration camp. They are not just “not free” – they are their modus Vivendi, a way of being. They are able to continue to exist only at that price and nothing else. Foreign policy – to bomb, bomb, bomb, domestic – to plant, plant, plant.

And therefore, all conversations from across the ocean that someone has something wrong with human rights and the rating of humanity must be suppressed by simple and understandable figures. After all, as the saying goes, you cannot argue against the fact.

Grigory Ignatov, jpgazeta.ru

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