I don’t trust the government.

Written by Andy

I don’t trust the government.
I don’t trust the media.

  • They sent us to WW1 for stupid reasons.
  • WW2 was for Poland! But is was given to the Commies at war’s end. So we cannot say “We won the war!”
  • We went to Vietnam to support a corrupt regime.
  • We went to Iraq on a lie.
  • World death rate is down in 2020! There is no pandemic. (“The median age of deaths is 83 years.
  • Vaccines never saved lives. It was improved sanitation and clean water that cut death rates. Even when they say deaths decreased after vaccination, the rate of fall was identical to the rate of fall before vaccination.

I don’t trust the government.
I don’t trust the media.

Governments world-wide have participated in acts of tyranny, violence, discrimination, and abuse of power. It’s time we the People take a stand.

Government no longer represent Freedom, but instead has embarked on a path of deficit financing, illegal international wars, and evasion of civil liberties.The Government has been infiltrated by representatives, or basically paid employees (via campaign “contributions”) for massive global banks and corporations. Almost all politicians globally are, proven by campaign finance records, given millions of dollars from banks and corporations in order to read scripts and act the part of a president or any other position of power chosen FOR them, by the corporations who pay them to enact the laws and events they want. These corporations and banks realize that if they can control the private sector AND the public sector, it doesn’t leave much room for anything else outside of their predictability and control.

That is where we step in. We refuse to partake in this disgusting criminal act by supporting these corrupt political politicians, who are nothing more than proven paid puppets of the establishment elite.

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