We got sick after the vaccine: Read 47 girls’ stories.

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by Magnus Bjerg & Nikolaj Albrectsen


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Astrid has chronic dizziness. Camilla now sits in a wheelchair while Simone faints and does not sleep at night.

Three stories by many. The 47 girls have in common that they have become ill after being vaccinated for HPV. In the TV 2 documentary ‘The Vaccinated Girls – Sick and Failed’, they stand up and tell about a different and problematic everyday life, after they were all stabbed and vaccinated.

The 47 girls have all told their stories to TV 2 for a long time. And even if it’s just a suspicion that the HPV vaccine makes the girls sick, none of them are in doubt about it.

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TV 2 has been in contact with and met with a large number of girls and women who believe that they have become ill after receiving the HPV vaccine Gardasil. Read their stories below.

Photo (s): Per Arnesen / TV 2 and private photos.

Danish Regions introduces a new and better treatment offer for girls who experience that they have experienced side effects after vaccination with HPV vaccine against cervical cancer.

It has not been proven whether the girls’ symptoms are actually due to the vaccine, but regardless of the cause, the regions will now offer the group of girls a better treatment offer. This is what the Danish Regions say, after a number of young girls to TV 2 have come forward with their experience of side effects after the vaccine.

The regions acknowledge that there has been a lack of a central offer for these girls:

– Many of the girls experience it as if they have been sent back and forth many times. We have listened to this and what we now want to do is to ensure that the general practitioner can refer a place in each region, so we have what is called one entrance, which is then responsible and is the lead for the girl and the examinations she has to go through, says the chairman of the Danish Regions Health Committee Ulla Astman to TV 2.

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority welcomes the initiative from the Danish Regions – although it is still neither possible to confirm nor confirm that the girls suffer from side effects from the vaccinations:

– It is really important that these girls come for treatment – regardless of whether it is a side effect or not. And the Danish Regions have now said that in future you can get in one place, so you do not have to run around from Herod to Pilate. We are really satisfied with that, says unit manager in the National Board of Health Henrik G. Jensen to TV 2.

In connection with TV 2’s documentary ‘The Vaccinated Girls – Sick and Failed’, several of the young girls express that they have not been taken seriously in the health system.

And Ulla Astman apologizes:

– I’m sorry if the girls are ridiculed, because you have to take any inquiry seriously. Especially when it comes to children, and it is still the girls. So you must not do that. That is also why we in the Regions have decided that the way we have run it so far is not right. They have many laps where the girls have felt lost in the system, they have cycled around, their parents have become frustrated, the girls have of course also become frustrated. That’s not okay, she says.

TV 2 has contacted the women on various social media in groups, where they meet and discuss their symptoms. Others have even approached us when they heard we were working on the topic.

They have all completed a questionnaire in which they have described their symptoms and times of vaccination. We have requested full access to some of the women’s medical records. If they are under the age of 18, parents have given them permission to participate.

The vaccinated girls

Talk about the HPV vaccine from the National Board of Health

  • Year – doses sold – reports – serious
  • 2009 : 347,690 – 288 – 25
  • 2010 : 151.476 – 66 – 5
  • 2011 : 163,374 – 43 – 6
  • 2012 : 349,730 – 96 – 18
  • 2013 : 488,224 – 511 – 177
  • 2014 *: 92,200 – 155 – 52 * figures up to 30/9

Yeardoses soldreportsserious
2014 up to 30/992,20015552

Info: The number of doses sold is not a picture of the number of vaccinated, as 2-3 doses are needed before being vaccinated. It is estimated that about half a million Danish girls have been vaccinated.

The HPV vaccine
The HPV vaccine was introduced in the Danish childhood vaccination program in 2009 and is today recommended for all girls aged 12 years.
According to the National Board of Health, they have since the vaccine was introduced and up to and including the first quarter of 2015 received a total of 1305 reports about the vaccine.
Of these, 363 have been classified as serious. 

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