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Efficient and cheap public transport is a government responsibility. With cheap public transport, family costs are substantially lowered, which lowers wage pressure, which is good for local business as well as people. It also encourages people to leave their cars at home and take the cheaper option

ALL public transport will be re-nationalized, refurbished and modernized to operate as a non-profit community service.

Conductors and station attendants will be employed on trains, busses and trams to sell tickets, along with existing machine infrastructure – their purpose being to provide information and assistance to passengers in need.

Over time, privatized roads to be gradually re-nationalized and tolls removed.

All vehicles except taxi’s, busses and trams will be banned from inner city areas.

Bicycle helmets will be made optional and free bikes for public use will be made available in all inner city areas.

Petrol driven vehicles will be taxed. Electric cars will be subsidized.

All international airports will be connected to city centers by high speed rail links.

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