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There is no queen of Australia

In many legal documents, from references made by judges / magistrates / judicial clerks to laws and Acts, there is a reference made to an entity called the ‘Queen of Australia’.

Remembering that lawyers / barristers / solicitors DO NOT WORK FOR YOUR BEST INTERESTS.

They work for the ‘bar’ (British Accreditation Regency), an area located outside the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom called the ‘City of London’, a foreign entity.

In court when you step up to the ‘bar’ table you consent to the jurisdiction of a foreign entity.

This is another legal secret that the authorities do not want the general populous to know.

There is no ‘Queen of Australia’.

The following is a letter of reply from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet regarding a Freedom of Information request for a copy of the instrument that the Royal Styles and Titles Act 1973 looks to for its valid creation. There is no instrument. It cannot be found.

Refer to the letter bellow:


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