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In the USA, the States Can Prosecute for 9-11, Using the Maxim: Omnia Praesumuntur, Contra Spoliatorem.

Alleged hijackers, Photo:

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

With so much else going on in the world, it is easy to forget the crimes related to “9-11” that were committed by the US government. For example, the destruction of evidence is a crime. Per federal law, at 18 USC 1519:

“Whoever knowingly alters, destroys, mutilates, conceals, covers up, falsifies, or makes a false entry in any record, document, or tangible object with the intent to impede, obstruct, or influence the investigation or proper administration of any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency of the United States or any case filed under title 11, or in relation to or contemplation of any such matter or case, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.”

Moreover, as expressed in the law maxim Omnia praesumuntur, contra spoliatorem, “all things can be presumed against the spoilers of evidence.” Thus, not only can a spoiler receive the 20-year punishment laid out in 18 USC 1519, he or she can be charged with the crime for which he or she destroyed evidence – be it arson, murder, or whatever.

Every Mom knows that when her child hides something under the bed, or won’t answer questions, the child is experiencing guilt. The law is like that, too. The law is sensible. But unfortunately, nowadays, we don’t see the wisdom of “contra spoliatorem” being deployed.

A likely reason is that the persons responsible for investigating crime – the FBI and its boss, the DoJ – were complicit in the 9-11 crimes. Or they are busy protecting this or that criminal from the law.

Why would they do that? Perhaps out of reticence — we naturally find it hard to speak up when the “office culture” is that of silence. Or perhaps out of fear of retaliation – job loss, smearing of one’s reputation, or even death.

I invite all such government persons and all members of the law profession to wake up and understand how easy it is to see the guilt of various Americans for what happened to our country on September 11, 2001.

A 2020 book by German activist Elias Davidsson has smashingly presented the case. The name of his book is “America’s Betrayal Confirmed: 9-11 Purpose, Cover-up and Impunity.”

Instead of reviewing the book (which I have done elsewhere), I will merely print out its Table of Contents, which concisely explains the situation.  And then I will print each chapter’s short conclusion.

Believe me, you will thus have in your hand all you may need in order to start some state-level prosecutions under 18 USC 1519.  And as far as the media’s crimes are concerned, please note that cover-up of a crime is a felony.

Table of Contents of America’s Betrayal Confirmed by Elias Davidsson:

Chapter 1: The Road to 9/11 (the decade 1990-2001)

Chapter 2: Establishing the official account of 9/11

(1) The official account of 9/11.
(2) Fox News launched the five memes of the official account within minutes.
(3) Bush determined within twenty minutes that “America is under attack.”
(4) The “collapse” of the WTC was explained within four hours.
(5) Main “facts” were established by Congressional
vote within 24 hours.
(6) FBI releases the names of “identified” hijackers.
(7) FBI releases photographs of “believed” hijackers.
(8) 9/11 as the birth of a new era.
(9) Counter-Terrorism as the organizing principle for foreign policy.
(10) No evidence for an Islamic attack from Afghanistan.
(11) No evidence for a bin Laden connection to 9/11.

Chapter 3: No evidence of Muslim hijackers

(1) No authenticated flight manifests
(2) No one witnessed the hijackers at the security checkpoints
(3) No one witnessed the hijackers boarding the aircraft 
(4) Dubious security videos 
(5) Hijackers without bodies

Chapter 4: The hijackers preferred worldly delights to paradise

  1. Getting drunk at Shuckum’s
  2. Enjoying America’s sex life
  3. Gambling
  4. The hijackers did not intend to die on 9/11

Chapter 5: Were the hijackers secretive?

  1. Multiple encounters with police
  2. ‘Atta’ visited an FAA installation
  3. ‘Atta’ showed a keen interest in crop dusters
  4. ‘Atta’ said he admires Osama bin Laden and recruits Al-Qaeda members

Chapter 6: Were the hijackers sophisticated?

  1. Hani Hanjour’s exploits
  2. ‘Atta’s mysterious Portland detour
  3. Islamic terrorists who love to visit U.S. government offices
  4. Hijackers who don’t know how to order airline tickets
  5. Hijackers who lose their flight tickets
  6. Hijacker who has ticket but wants to buy one
  7. Hijackers who need an Arabic translator at the airport

Chapter 7: How was the wreckage linked to specific aircraft?

  1. Crash debris must be identified and linked to a particular aircraft 
  2. The identities of the aircraft were not determined

Chapter 8: Can aircraft engines vaporize?

  1. The strange crash site at Ground Zero
  2. The stranger crash site at the Pentagon.
  3. The strangest crash site at Somerset County, Pennsylvania

Chapter 9: Can aircraft continue flying past crash time?

  1. Operation Northwoods
  2. Flight UA93 flew past crash time.
  3. Flight UA175 flew past crash time

Chapter 10: What was reported in phone calls from the aircraft?

  1. Puzzling conduct reported
  2. Inexplicable omissions
  3. Serious contradictions

Chapter 11: What caused the disintegration of the Twin Towers?

  1. Unique events in the history of high-rise, steel-reinforced buildings.
  2. The early birth of the official theory.
  3. The destruction of criminal evidence.
  4. The first official investigation.
  5. The second official investigation.
  6. The cover-up by FEMA-BPAT and NIST.
  7. The “dustification” of the Twin Towers.
  8. Foreknowledge of the Twin Towers’ disintegration.

Chapter 12: Was the collapse of WTC-7 [The Third Building] a smoking gun?

  1. The official explanation for the collapse of WTC-7.
  2. The Office of Emergency Management.
  3. The evacuation of WTC-7.
  4. The destruction of the crime scene at WTC-7.
  5. The development of fires at WTC-7.
  6. No firefighting efforts in WTC-7.
  7. Damage to WTC-7 from falling debris.
  8. Evidence of explosions at WTC-7.
  9. The free fall of WTC-7.
  10. Was the fire alarm system in WTC-7 disabled?
  11. Foreknowledge of collapse.
  12. Suspect Larry Silverstein.

Chapter 13: How was public fear amplified on and after 9/11?

  1. Bomb scares all over the United States in September 2001.
  2. Bomb scares around the world in September 2001.
  3. Bomb scares against aircraft in September 2001.
  4. Scaring the President.
  5. Scaring U.S. legislators.

Chapter 14: How was 9/11 investigated?

  1. International norms of adequate investigations.
  2. No rush in investigating 9/11.
  3. No investigations of aircraft crashes.
  4. Sham investigation of the Pentagon damage.
  5. Presidential opposition to a Congressional investigation.
  6. A Congressional Commission grudgingly established.
  7. Thwarting the work of the Congressional Commission.
  8. The Congressional Commission’s own sins.
  9. No prosecutions of 9/11 planners and facilitators.

Chapter 15: How were victims’ families induced to ask no questions?

  1. Conditionalities.
  2. The quest for truth and justice thwarted.
  3. Honors bestowed.
  4. Inducing 9/11 victims to blame Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Chapter 16: Terrorism in the shadow of military exercises

  1. Evidence of a huge confusion in American skies.
  2. The reason for the confusion.
  3. The simulated hijackings on 9/11.
  4. Did the phone callers participate in the exercises?

Chapter 17:  The revolutionary potential of 9/11 truth

  1. An unprecedented propaganda coup.
  2. The dereliction of academia.
  3. The dereliction of the Left.
  4. A superfluous and futile demand.
  5. The revolutionary potential of 9/11 truth.

Conclusions to Each Chapter

I shall now print out Elias Davidsson’s conclusions of each of the chapters. To see the richness of some of the arguments, you’ll have to ask your library to fetch the book!

Chapter 2: Students of international affairs will already at this point realize that the main facts of 9/11 were imposed politically, i.e., before any investigation; that the U.S. government attacked Afghanistan without any legal justification; that the U.S. government has not accused Osama bin Laden over 9/11; that it failed to determine the identities of the alleged hijackers; and that U.S. allies have closed their eyes to these facts. Such conclusions justify a thorough citizens’ investigation of the mass murder committed on 9/11.

Chapter 3: The FBI confiscated immediately after the attacks of 9/11 all available documentation regarding the boarding of the aircraft that were allegedly hijacked. Dozens of witnesses from the airlines and the respective airports were interviewed by the FBI on the very day of the attacks and thereafter. All existing evidence regarding the boarding of the four 9/11 flights must therefore be in the hands of the U.S. authorities.

A government innocent of mass murder would be expected not only to seek the truth about the crime, but to show particular zeal in doing so….

On the basis of the evidence provided in this chapter, the following conclusions impose themselves:

Due to the lack of concrete and verifiable evidence that the 19 alleged hijackers boarded the four aircraft, it is un- conscionable and slanderous to accuse these individuals of participation in the mass-murder.

By consistently refusing to confirm through authenticated documents that the 19 alleged hijackers had boarded the four aircraft, the U.S. government manifests its bad faith and justifies the suspicion that it is covering up crucial facts regarding the mass murder.

By ignoring the numerous and glaring contradictions regarding the identities of the alleged hijackers, the 9/11 Com- mission manifested its intent to support unsubstantiated government allegations against the accused individuals.

By refusing to release copies of original, authentic flight manifests and to allow interviews with personnel responsible for the boarding of the four aircraft of 9/11, the airlines manifest their complicity in covering up the mass murder.

Chapter 4: Religious Muslims do not drink alcohol, do not gamble and do not engage in extra-marital sex. The common explanation given as the alleged perpetrators’ motive for carrying out 9/11 is that as religious Muslims they strove to attain martyrdom and reach paradise. Muslims who systematically violate Islamic norms cannot hope enter paradise. …

It follows from the above facts, that the persons seen drinking, whoring and gambling in the United States preferred earthly delights to the intangibles of paradise. In other words, they did not intend to die on 9/11. Several bookings for connecting flights also confirm that the respective person did not plan to die on 9/11.

Chapter 5: One of the reasons adduced by officials to explain why the authorities failed to notice the hijackers while in the U.S., is that they behaved in a discreet manner and did not raise suspicion on themselves. This claim is false.

As shown in this chapter, several of the alleged hijackers behaved in a particularly provocative manner, were stopped by the police for speeding, presented themselves repeatedly in government offices, and one of them even emphasized his admiration for Osama bin Laden to a government employee.

The point here is not the apparent lack of suspicion by police officers and others who encountered these “terrorists”. Such lack of suspicion is both plausible and understandable. The point is that people who plan a terrorist attack in a foreign country would try to give no pretext for being scrutinized or investigated. Their lack of concern, again, manifests that they had no terrorist plans and felt secure and protected.

Chapter 6: Numerous pundits have told us that the 9/11 hijackers were extremely well organized, coordinated, sophisticated. Their best pilot, Hani Hanjour, emerged to be a hopeless bungler.

In the present chapter we focused on the conduct of the hi- jackers before 9/11, as documented mainly by the FBI. We dis- cover bunglers who lose their driver’s licenses and their airline tickets, need a translator at the airport, and do not not know what they hold in their hand. These are the klutzes – so we are told by eminent personalities – who defeated U.S. air defenses on 9/11.

This chapter reveals for the first time why the person going under the name “Mohamed Atta” was tasked to go to Portland, Maine, on September 10, 2001 and return to Boston on the morning of September 11 with a connecting flight.

Chapter 7: Numerous pundits have told us that the 9/11 hijackers were extremely well organized, coordinated, sophisticated. Their best pilot, Hani Hanjour, emerged to be a hopeless bungler.

In the present chapter we focused on the conduct of the hi- jackers before 9/11, as documented mainly by the FBI. We dis- cover bunglers who lose their driver’s licenses and their airline tickets, need a translator at the airport, and do not know what they hold in their hand. These are the klutzes – so we are told by eminent personalities – who defeated U.S. air defenses on 9/11.

This chapter reveals for the first time why the person going under the name “Mohamed Atta” was tasked to go to Portland, Maine, on September 10, 2001 and return to Boston on the morning of September 11 with a connecting flight.

Chapter 8:  The main findings of this chapter are:

  • Photographic evidence of aircraft wreckage from the three alleged crash sites is sparse and inconclusive.
  • At none of the three locations designated as aircraft crash sites did eyewitnesses observe wreckage that could plausibly come from a Boeing 757 or 767 aircraft.
  • No bodies or blood were sighted at the UA93 crash site, but numerous paper documents belonging to UA93 passengers and crew members were reportedly found there.

Chapter 9: This chapter provides documentary evidence that at least two of the known 9/11 flights (UA175 and UA93) were still airborne after their alleged crash time. The blueprint for such deception was Operation Northwoods proposed in 1962 by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, signed by Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer but rejected by President J.F. Kennedy.

Chapter 10: The hijacking legend that accompanies the official account of 9/11 is largely based on phone calls believed to have been made from the aircraft by passengers and crew members. I found no reason to deny that these calls were made or to suspect that the receivers of these calls deliberately misrepresented the calls. A thorough analysis of all calls is found in my book Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11. In the present chapter I provided some of the main reasons for asserting that the callers could not have reported real events.

Chapter 11: More than 3,000 architects and engineers have become members of the Association Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and demand a new, independent, investigation of the disintegration of the WTC buildings. …The fact that so many architects and engineers should become members in such an association is in itself remarkable and manifests a professionally significant rejection of NIST’s findings.

Even lay persons, such as myself, cannot fail to note that NIST officials ignored a host of apparently significant facts, such as the numerous explosions witnessed before and during the disintegration of the Twin Towers, the presence of molten steel in the pile and the “dustification” of much of the Twin Towers. …

The evidence presented … leads to the inevitable conclusion that the Twin Towers were intentionally demolished by some type of explosives. From that conclusion it follows that the buildings’ demolition had to be timed to take place shortly after the impact of aircraft on the buildings, in order to create the appearance of causality between the events….

Concluding that the WTC buildings’ disintegration was not caused by fire, but by explosives, would not only expose the incompetence and/or dishonesty of NIST experts, of obstructing justice in the pursuit of the true perpetrators of 9/11, but the far greater offense, namely supporting the myth which served to justify wars of aggression and the erosion of constitutional rights.

Chapter 12:  NIST’s theory of the collapse of WTC-7 is not credible even to a layman, like myself. Furthermore, NIST, as an agency of the U.S. government, couldn’t be expected to endorse facts that would have incriminated the government in mass-murder.

Facing the wealth of evidence indicating that WTC-7 was deliberately demolished, the last line of defense was to contend that rigging the building for a controlled demolition would have been impossible without detection by the numerous occupants of the building.

NIST’s Final Report, for example, argues that “preparations for a blast scenario would have included removal of column enclosures or walls, weld torches to cut column sections, and placement of wires for detonation. Occupants, support staff, and visitors would have noticed such activities, particularly since they likely would have occurred around more than one column.” ….

The following conclusion appears inescapable: The demolition of WTC-7 must have been planned and was most likely coordinated with the destruction of the Twin Towers, the incident at the Pentagon and simulated aircraft hijackings.

Having determined that WTC-7’s demolition had been planned to occur on 9/11, the following questions remain: Why was WTC-7 demolished? Was the OEM established in WTC-7 to play a role in the attacks of 9/11? … Who rigged WTC-7 for demolition and when was it done? Was WTC-7 scheduled for demolition in the morning but failed? Did people die in WTC-7?

Chapter 13: [The book does not provide a conclusion for this chapter. I will quote from the Scares-of-Congress section]:

Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House: “All of a sudden, two of my security guys — one on each side of me — picked me up and whisked me away. I said, ‘What’s going on?’ They said, ‘We think there’s a fourth plane and we think it’s headed for the Capitol.”’

Tom Daschle, Majority Leader, U.S. Senate: “There was a mad scramble, literally running out of the Capitol building. The cell phones weren’t working…. I recall feeling almost like a refugee, standing in line waiting to get my turn to use the landline to call my wife.”

Rep. Porter Goss“There wasn’t any plan. You’ve now taken 535 of the most important people in the country and put them out on the lawn.”

Associated Press reported that lawmakers were again evacuated from the U.S. Capitol on 13 September 2001. Capitol Police spokesman Dan Nichols said the office of Senator Robert Byrd had received a telephoned bomb threat about 5:30p.m.

Chapter 14: The U.S. authorities failed in their legal and political obligations to thoroughly and impartially investigate the massive crime of 9/11: They failed to investigate the plane crashes; they tried to prevent a congressional investigation; they tried to undermine that investigation once it took place…. The United States judiciary failed to bring to justice even one person implicated in the mass murder of 9/11. Germany sentenced an innocent person for 9/11, probably to please its U.S. masters. …

Chapter 15: This chapter provides evidence that the U.S. government established a sophisticated mechanism to deter the families of 9/11 victims from voicing embarrassing questions about the events. The method was successful. The main actors in this psychological operation were Special Master Kenneth R. Feinberg, District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein and the law firm Motley Rice.

Chapter 16: A key episode of the 9/11 operation were the simulated aircraft hijackings that took place in the East of the United States in the morning of 9/11. These simulations caused, as could be foreseen, a huge confusion among those who direct aircraft movements. This confusion provided plausible explanations for the alleged failure of the U.S. air force to intercept the “terrorists” … most U.S. media suppressed the story of the simulated hijackings because public awareness of these military operations could have prompted embarrassing questions.

Simulated attacks are routinely carried out by the military in order to exercise responses to real attacks…. Specialized companies have emerged that provide personnel, equipment and fake wounds for such exercises. One company based in the U.K. says that it “can supply up to two hundred fully trained and rehearsed actors.” It also can supply “make up, wounds and blood … … The company provides experts in communication “for broadcasting emergency messages to the public” and use social media. …

A thorough analysis of the phone calls, reportedly made from the aircraft by passengers and crew members on the morning of 9/11 (see my book Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11, Chapters), demonstrates that no real hijackings had taken place on 9/11 and that the callers were merely acting the role of hijacked passengers. It is unknown what became of these callers after the simulation ended. As none of them has been seen alive since that day, they have presumably been “disposed of ” to ensure that they will never reveal the nature of this operation. At least one of these phone callers, Thomas Burnett, was honored by the U.S. President for serving “our country” and given a military funeral.

Chapter 17 [Note from Mary Maxwell:  The author, Elias Davidsson, did not write a conclusion, as this whole chapter was his conclusion. I’ll just quote from the final page where he spotlights the “Achilles heel.”]

The attacks of 9/11 and subsequent attacks which followed a similar pattern [Maxwell inserts here: See my book The Soul of Boston and the Marathon Bombing] serve to maintain a global counterterrorism hysteria that serves many governments. In the garb of combating terrorism, governments institute arbitrary rule, reduce government accountability and justify the surveillance of their populations.

Their final aim, as a service to the ruling minority, is to hollow out democracy, leaving only a façade. An entire security industry with a turnover of over $400 billion a year emerged since 2001 and thrives off the terrorism hysteria. Some governments use also the counterterrorism ideology to justify their foreign military interventions and threaten world peace.

But truth has the tendency to seep through. The truth about 9/11 may be regarded as the Achilles heel of the ruling oligarchies, because they have no defense available. The quest for the truth on 9/11 can, therefore, help empower and unite all those who cherish freedom, social justice and peace to act for a system change.

— End of quotes from chapter-conclusions in America’s Betrayal Confirmed. The book is available in Kindle for $10.99 at Amazon, and in paperback elsewhere.

Get Going, Please

As I (Maxwell) said above, the legal rule that a despoiler of evidence can be accused of the crime can open this case indirectly – e.g., NIST can be charged with crime for their blatant mishandling of the facts of the buildings’ demolition.

Who will take up this task?  The executive or the legislature of any state that had even one of its people die in the 9-11 attacks is, of course, able to hold a formal investigation. For that matter, laypersons can do so. (See my book Grass Court.)

A group from “Lawyers for 9-11 Truth” delivered, in May 2018 (!!), a demand that the matter be investigated. Foolishly, they submitted their material to the famously corrupt office of the US Attorney of the Southern District of New York, asking that it be handed to the relevant Grand Jury foreman.

Talk about kowtowing! They should have started a citizen-led grand jury themselves and issued indictments.

Grand juries are called for in the US Constitution’s Fifth Amendment.  Forming a state-level grand jury is definitely doable. Acting on the 9-11 matter may be our last chance to keep the Constitution alive.

On June 3, 2020, I wrote an article at, entitled “How Does One Recognize a Major Turning Point in History?”

Underneath it, Elias Davidsson added the following comment:

“I wish to remind readers of the similarities between the psychological operations of 9/11 and of the Corona threat. Both were thoroughly planned and executed as “shock therapies” on the public mind. Both were total frauds. Both had the aim to justify the build-up of the surveillance state.”

On the back of the extremely sinister book by the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, we read:

“Since making its entry on to the world stage, COVID-19 has dramatically torn up the script of how to govern countries [read: torn up your silly ol’ constitutions]. COVID-19 THE GREAT RESET [Klaus’s “masterpiece”] is a guide for anyone who wants to understand … what changes are needed…”

Folks, get going or you will be sor-ree.



It is about time some of the evil bastards were hung drawn and quartered. I am not talking about some imagined Muslin pilots and hijackers either. The real criminals were white skinned, with Israeli, dual Israeli- American citizenship and Americans. Most have been doing very nicely in business out of taxpayer funds ever since. To make it worse some were military personnel. How’s that for a hateful of treason.

More opportunists got in on the know and made a motza in trades. Then someone loaded a few trucks with gold bullion from 5 and 6 and one was stalled by a pesky beam in the tunnel beneath.

The past President of Italy was reported as stating that the day after xxx, all the Intel spooks of the world (except here) knew it was a SEEEYEA-MISSED op.

Just a reminder for all the official government tin foiled hatter (with propeller) conspiracy theorists out there.

Photos of a plane about to hit one of the Twin Towers shows that the planes flight angle does not correspond to the near horizontal entry holes shown in aftermath photo’s. And I can’t understand how an aluminium aircraft can punch a hole its own shape through closely woven, feet thick steel girders. Can anyone explain?

Dr Joseph P Farrell does an excellent expose-The Fascist International,9/11,and Penetrated Operations.

And of course no deep dive into 9/11 would be complete without reference to the incredible forensic work of Dr Judy Wood – ‘Where Did The Towers Go?’

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