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Pornography pastimes have a habit of destroying relationships, damaging innocence, eroding compassion, encouraging violent activity, and damaging love, and affecting our society in a negative manner. It tends to lead users devalue one another as humans and see them as sex gratification objects. We are in uncharted territory as nothing like pornography has been available in history. It has the power to alter our sexual health and the well-being of our loved ones, communities, and our local society. No traditional moral code allowed a male to treat women in this manner. In the long run, the depiction of women wanting no more than the next orgasmic ‘hit’ will bring disaster to women’s standing in society.

Pornography can sometimes depict a healthy sexual activity whilst the participants demonstrate respectful gender relations. Much more commonly, pornography demonstrates hostile sexual relations, frequent violence, and general dehumanization and objectification. The sex is exploitative rather than caring.  As the song in this Russian cafe just stated: “I have a hole where my heart should be!” She has received ‘male seed’ on her face rather than as biologically determined but she was more interested in an orgasmic experience as if its ‘ addictive drug nature’ were more important than the rough treatment she had received. If she is slapped around but get an orgasm, then it is ‘ok’.

We need to consider that pornography is a public health crisis. We can now be sure that pornography has the potential to cause harm. We need to listen to grass roots organisations such as the ‘National Center on Sexual Exploitation’ and be aware of their campaigns.

It is not acceptable to accept pornography on the basis that it is ‘free speech’. The 1988, People vs. Freeman court cases stated that adult film production, as long as it does not ‘hurt’ others, was protected as free speech under the First Amendment. In other words, if porn involves consenting adults, it is protected.[10] I cannot put pictures up in the public place called ‘the street’ of males and females copulating. The internet is also a public place and our young, our teenagers, our males and females of all age are almost certainly going to ‘walk past these images on the internet. For the uninitiated, type the letters ‘p’ ‘o’ ‘r’ ‘n’ into a websearch. The internet is awash with tens of thousands of primarily young western white girls following the commands of males that put there manhood everywhere except where it was biologically designed to go. The toxic mix soon leads the watcher into incestual acts, violent acts, and pedaphile acts.

What we need to ask is why is this all free? Nothing is free this day unless it has an ulterior purpose. That purpose may well be to destroy our cultural history of decency in male-female relationships. Young males now tell me that they see girls as objects of sexual activity rather than potential soul-mates. Sex has been reduced to a gratification whilst defiling the dignity of females.

This widely available pornography has created an epidemic of sexual damage. Children and young persons are exposed to violent and degrading content. With the lack of education on the mechanics of sex, pornography now serves as the sex education for our children. The boy gets the girl into bed, and when basic activity takes place, he pulls out his phone, and exclaims: “That is not sex. This is sex.” The girl is embarrassed into performing acts not found in the Karma Sutra. It is fine to say: “Parents should be careful and warn their children.” But this is new territory to parents. How is a parent to know that the daughter should be told that she should not allow boys to ejaculate on her face and does not need to ‘take it up the ass.’ This is a problem beyond the ability of a parent to correct. Parental guidance is inadequate to fix the issues we now face.

It is of interest to discover through an internet search: “Who controls porn?”. It is not Christian entrepreneurs. Some estimates suggest: “Pornography accounts for thirty seven percent of all Internet traffic.” There is now an enormous audience for pornography, and whether you agree or not, this devoted audience is not going to disappear. To a male, there is nothing more beautiful than the sight of a naked female. And what appears to be even more seductive than the pin-up poster in the mechanical workshop, is the sight of a naked female servicing his manhood. It would appear that moral obstacles, economic obstacles, business obstacles, nor technical obstacles are going to stop this exploit material from entering the darkened rooms of suburban houses.

Part of our new problem is that pornography alters brain chemistry. We now hear that pornography remaps brain pathways in possibly long-lasting ways. When I ask males: “Which comes first? Hunger or sex.” They do not hesitate to answer: “Sex.” We can then understand that pornography becomes a strong competitor to any other activity the person may pursue. Unfortunately, this may include sex with a real partner. [5] We can now find instances where pornography can overpower the brain’s interest in sex with a real partner!

Pornography is making its move from the computer screens of the night into the mainstream. This will be tricky to stop because pornography is primary entertainment for millions worldwide. Although phone sellers banned pornography in their ‘app stores’ and Google pushed porn to the fringes of its search engine pornography was available elsewhere. Numerous ‘tube sites’ grew to offer a wide range of free online porn. There are legions of persons masturbating to free online porn.

What is of note is that a downloaded image of a tree is subject to copyright. Yet, vast quantities of openly pirated pornography content is downloaded without such copyright notices. Some naive young girl with no backup advice was short of a dollar to pay her rent and visits a porn clip maker for a couple of grand and the internet disperses a free video of her being defiled and slapped around in degrading manner with her thanking her abuser for the opportunity. While male porn stars are usually paid around $150 per scene, female performers earn between $600 and $1000 a scene.[6]

Pornhub claims that its network receives about 100 million visits each day. It is correct that Netflix viewing hours vastly outnumber that watched as pornography. And YouTube’s viewing is high in comparison.

‘Fight the New Drug’ reports:

Science is constantly showing us that watching porn contributes to an unhealthy lifestyle, and the objectification of others, [2] and opens the consumer up to the possibility of having a porn compulsion or addiction, [3] …

To study the subject further, a read of the website ‘Fight the New Drug’ is worth some of your time.

Here are some facts to illustrate the magnitude of the issue. They are as reported by Karin Lehnardt at FactRetriever.

  • Around 70% of men aged 18–24 visit porn sites in a typical month.[7]
  • Child pornography generates around $3 billion annually.[7]
  • While viewing porn, men tend to focus on a woman’s eyes and lips over breasts or genitals. Researchers speculate that men look at women’s faces to determine how “turned on” the woman is.[11]
  • After President Bush won the election in 2004, Republican states saw a jump in porn-related Internet searches. After President Obama won, blue states saw a jump in Internet searches. Researchers suggest that being on a winning team creates a surge of testosterone, which increases sex drive.[11]
  • Every second, nearly 30,000,000 unique Internet users view porn.[7]
  • Over 35% of all Internet downloads are pornographic.[7]
  • There are over 116,000 searches for “child pornography” every day.[7]
  • Nearly one in four Internet search queries is about porn. That’s 68 million a day.[7]
  • Film production of pornography began immediately after the invention of the motion picture in 1895.[2]
  • Porn has used almost every communication medium, including lithographs, the printing press, the Internet, photography, VHS, DVD, satellite TV, and more.[14]
  • In his socially radical pornographic work Justine (1791), the Marquis de Sade details orgiastic scenes with long philosophical debates on the evils of property and traditional social hierarchy.[10]
  • While 25%–33% of those who watch Internet porn are women, they make up only 2% of paying porn site subscribers.[7]
  • A survey of Hilton, Marriot, Hyatt, Sheraton, and Holliday Inn hotels found that almost 70% of their room service profits come from porn movies.[6]
  • Countries with the easiest access to hard-core porn have the lowest sex-crime rates in the world.[17]
  • The three main groups that have traditionally opposed pornography are feminism, religion, and law.[10]
  • The English Obscene Publications Act 1857 was the world’s first law criminalizing pornography. The American equivalent was the Comstock Act of 1873. However, the term “obscene” was left undefined, which left the laws ambiguous.[10]
  • The average age of first Internet porn exposure is 11 years old.[11]

Public Health procedures have been effective with the significant problems from smoking, to lead poisoning, to HIV/AIDS. A public health approach is needed to deal with pornography. 

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