Plandemic 2020 Appears To Be Straight Out Of Rockefeller Foundation’s “Lock Step”

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Plandemic 2020 Appears To Be Straight Out Of Rockefeller Foundation’s “Lock Step”, From 2010, As We’re Under “Lock Down” Orders Today. The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It. The Lies Are The Virus And The Truth Is The Cure. History Proves The Government’s Cure Is Worse Than Disease.

Rockefeller Foundation – Lock Step – Pandemic Simulation.

Rockefeller Foundation published report in 2010. First scenario, titled, “Lock Step”, describes world of total govt control. Envisions future where a pandemic would allow national leaders to flex authority and impose airtight rules and restrictions that would remain after the fade.

The Fool Monty – Simps.ons Predict Coronavirus

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Dan Wipper
Why the flu, they used the flu for political purposes and since many get the flu its easy to use to invoke fear. Both China and the US deepstate have a lot to lose if President Trump remains in office, they are working together. China; China had to give up the unfair trade deal, one they paid our politicians cash for. So China announced this scary flu offering propaganda, fogging streets, welding doors shut and even video of people falling down in the middle of the streets a sickness like no other. WE NEVER SAW ANYONE (fall over in the streets) after that nor here in the US. United States; The US’s Deepstate, the DNC and MSM along with their corruption ring are under investigation and about to be held liable for huge cash kickbacks, ever wonder why they gave others like China sweet trade deals? Or loved to give billions of US tax dollars away to countries they destroyed? Our corrupt did it for cash under the table. President Trump’s economy was sure to get him reelected so destroying public wealth was their way out. China and the US did this because Trump cut China’s unfair trade deal and the US’s corrupt are facing jail time or worse.

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