Net zero by 2050!

I often hear people rabbit on about ‘’net zero by 2050”, when they haven’t got a clue of what they are talking about, or what that would involve. The facts are, that even if World was not to increase it’s energy needs (and China reverses it’s plans to double the size of its economy by 2035), just to replace our current fossil use – we’d need to build one new Nuclear power plant EVERYDAY for the next 30 years. And that’s assuming you can electrify everything, and good luck with electrifying airplanes. And all under the delusion that this will stop bad weather.

Craig Kelly – Liberal Federal Member for Hughes in Sydney’s South including parts of the Sutherland Shire and Liverpool Council areas. Authorised by Craig Kelly MP, Liberal Party of Australia, Sutherland, NSW.


Yvonne Ray Hancock
Facebook won’t let me post a simple diagram explaining how plant life breathes in Carbon Dioxide and breathes out Oxygen. It’s called Photosynthesis. They probably don’t teach it to children at school these days? Carbon is in carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas that works to trap heat close to the earth. It helps earth hold the energy it receives from the sun so it doesn’t all escape back into space. If it weren’t for carbon dioxide, Earth’s oceans would be frozen solid

Tony Booth
Meanwhile, they conveniently keep ignoring the farmers and agriculture scientists who say we can easily sequester all human carbon production through regenerative agriculture practices that will capture it into the soil (utilising plants and microbes)and improve the health of the soil and our food. Lots of others add things like kelp farms, mangrove regeneration and tree planting as helpful on varyibg scales. However that doesn’t suit the globalists big push for ‘green’ energy and use of chemicals and genetically modified crops. Thus the excess scare tactics to cower the masses. This world is so manipulated.

Anne Zidlicky
Why are we, the taxpayer subsidizing renewables to the detriment of our rising electricity bills? How can we stop subsidizing all these “fat cats ” who are ripping us off?

Julie Essex
I asked an mps office about geoengineering and haarp. I was told I was a nutter. I thought it was both parties dirty little secret, of the Paris agreement? Like agenda 30, not spoken. Al Gore and co require money so we the slave class pay money?

Diane Strub
I had a look at Climate Council website, looking for the science. Lots of statistics and weather observations but I must be blind to how the science is listed. The solar activity, plasma ejection mapping, the volcanic activity under the sea? The variations in the currents of the sea etc. Maybe the proportion of vegetation, habitations and desert areas. Observations from the thermosphere 80 kms up where the weather is thought to initiate but gravity not enough for instruments to stay up there, etc. But nothing there for even an ordinary person like me. Just drama, pretty pictures and a donate here button. At least once we had scary ozone holes over the poles. Now we just have to not breathe out, not emit gas, nor have animals that also do this. Vegetarians emit even more gas if we eat them. Growing them is ok though. I think maybe real problems are a casualty of climate change.

Steve Feral to Diane Strub
Find yourself some alternate sources of information instead of the left alarmist climate council. You are only going to be fed misinformation.

Diane Strub
Steve Feral
I have and do, but I went looking for the much touted indisputable science of ‘Climate Change’ and emerged with nothing but a donate here button.

Chantal Marilyn Dray
The future is prepared masterfully by the big corporations who stand to make billions selling us vaccines with yearly updates and biometric control to ensure we don’t carry a plague and are not a public risk. Terrorist threat will disappear in this vision of the future, it will be replaced by each and everyone of us. They will ensure our « safety » with the roll out of security screen checks, scanners, apps, a tight control. No one will be able to function in this forecasted business model of society without becoming compliant, vaccinated and constantly screened, tracked with complete surveillance. This is part of the UN and WEF program for the introduction of the 4th REVOLUTION, a technological world governance that they are pushing through our governments with the promise of economic benefits and saving our planet and of course our health. Our current democracies have been jeopardised by the conflicts of interests at the highest levels to allow this multinationals corporations agenda. There is a risk of all our freedoms disappearing totally once the control biometric systems are all in place. Cognizant is a multinational corporation, a stakeholder part of the World Economic Forum, and just one of many of the players that will make billions from turning humans into a product. This is this why governments are using fear of a virus worldwide to hypnotise people so that they will accept this agenda? That’s why treatments are not allowed? We need the fear to remain to accept this nwo…??! Have a look at the forecast presentation for our future here :

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