Multicultural Divide

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There are approx. 249 different countries in the world. 4,200 different religions, churches, denominations, religious bodies, faith groups, tribes, cultures and movements. 6,500 different spoken and written languages. 1000’s of different legal and jurisdictional systems. Multiple different races containing ancestry of 21 different species of humans.

All formed over thousands upon thousands of years. For no reasons at all?

The wicked forces trying to deny basic human nature and force all of this to meld together under the false doctrines of “diversity” and “multi-culturalism” can only be described as deliberately inciting chaos and violence and are using military tactics of divide and conquer.249 individual countries, 6,500 languages, 1000’s of different legal systems, 4,200 religions were not formed for no reason. There are reasons of great significance as to why they choose to differentiate from each other. It’s beyond delusional and actually extremely dangerous to expect for this to all suddenly and miraculously just work as one.

Why is it that only primarily white Anglo-Saxon European countries are being forced to undergo this division and chaos?

Once unified and cohesive countries were duped into becoming “inclusive”. The newcomers then proceeded to form non-inclusive enclaves within.

Any dissenters who can see through the scheme of the disintegration of their nations and towns and the eventual demographic replacement of their own people are chastised, socially, verbally, financially and physically attacked. Shoosh, lay down and die. Accept your own people’s genocide/ethnocide is the message.

A major example is the city of Chatswood in New South Wales, Australia. This town has transformed from a predominantly white Anglo-Saxon demographic, to an extremely insular Asian city with a vast Asian population, within only the last 30 years.

With no exaggeration, this City now resembles a mini Shanghai within Australia. Containing an almost entirely Asian population, who are now actively excluding other cultures and races of people from this area. The inhabitants are increasingly becoming very territorial and aggressively protective of the area.There are other very large enclaves of other Islamic, Indian and African demographic areas who are creating cities of their own also.Within a once unified and cohesive nation, we are now witnessing the creation of towns, cities and eventually in turn what could be classified as whole countries within Australia.This same template of destruction and division is being replicated and laid out across all of America, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and the entire Western Civilization.

Anyone with half a clue can see that this is a deliberate and orchestrated attack on Anglo-Saxon Europeans.

With Anglo-Saxon Europeans making up approximately only 8% of the world’s population at present, take that into consideration with the lower childbearing statistics of Western European women vs other races, look at the predicted continuous year on year influx of millions of immigrants, do some basic mathematics and you can see what the world looks like in the next 50 to 100 years.Pure and simple it’s a recipe for white genocide.

This is without taking in to account the Frankenstein experiment and sickening situation going on with the media fuelled miscegenation. On top of what is already occurring, the tiny 4% of male and 4% of female European people of breeding age are being manipulated, guilted and brainwashed in to disregarding having children with their own people.

The media is bombarding white countries with movies, tv shows, posters, advertisements, websites, billboards portraying mixed race couples as “the norm”. Further dismantling European families, societies and facilitating greater dwindling of the population numbers.

Additionally, the incoming “alien” cultures and races coming in to white societies are being granted legal rights and liberties equal to that of the original European inhabitants, rendering them immune to any retribution or formal discourse for resolving the situation. “Legalised” genocide.

Whether forced and arranged by government legislation, to curb and reverse this displacement and gradual formula for white genocide, or not. Nature will sort itself out one way or the other.

While things are still relatively peaceful and before this undoubtedly disastrous recipe gets any more out of control, there should be a mutual recognition of all individual races, cultures, religions and legal systems and a fair and proper plan to ensure the peaceful existence of all people’s.

Divisions, borders, laws, strict geographical boundaries, population limitations and the right for self determination must be formed. This is not only a benefit to Caucasian Europeans, but all races and the hundreds of other minority cultures such as the Aboriginals, Native Americans, Inuits and countless others.


One will become ‘racist’ because one knows that ‘racially homogeneous’ nations can live in peace. On the contrary, nations that are racially mixed are tinderboxes for civil war.

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