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Most decent people hate liars – even green liars.

Written by gad123

The Australian government’s plan to sell their un-saleable carbon tax has hit a snag – their pollsters have discovered that the word ”carbon” provokes anger in the electorate.

This is no surprise. Most decent people hate liars and the carbon tax campaign has been mired in lies from the start.

The first big lie was from Penny Wong who described carbon dioxide as a “pollutant”. But people soon learned that this colourless, non-toxic, natural atmospheric gas is the essential source of food for all life on earth.

The second big lie was graphic – government propaganda pictured a “dirty” coal power station belching black pollution. Three lies in one here – the power station pictured is closed, it is in England, and all carbon dioxide it ever released was invisible.

Their next mistake was to use paid academics to spread scare forecasts of searing heat and never ending drought, all caused by the demon carbon dioxide. The reality has been no global warming for twelve years, heavy snows in the Northern Hemisphere and heavy rains in Australia.

The fourth big lie was from the leader of the government, Julia Gillard: “There will be no carbon tax under any government I lead”.

No amount of weasel words from government propagandists and apologists will erase our memory of these four big lies about carbon.

Their negative image problem is profound: Whenever the Australian people hear “Carbon” they think “Lies.”

by Viv Forbes

Source: Cairns News

The first big lie was from Penny Wong who described carbon dioxide as a “pollutant”.
In my opinion, this porkie from the Wong Wun is so typical of politicians, lawyers and queers, none of whom could resist the temptation to twist the truth to further their own ends. Her life before politics as lawyer only adds to the case, anyone whose career depends on twisting words into unrecognizable forms should be immediately disqualified from politics. Note the oft peddled line about scientific studies that proved straight (so-called ‘homophobic’) males are closet queers. Whilst there was in fact ONE study, the conclusion was that under certain very specific circumstances, a very small number of ‘homophobics’ MIGHT exhibit queer tendencies. The vast majority of straight males are however exactly what they claim & have no interest or inclination toward turd-burglary. Personally I find the very thought sickening and I can fully understand why the Bloke Upstairs described them as ‘abominations’. Mind you the likes of the Wong Wun would never dream of letting the truth interfere with a good story.

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