Legalise Democracy

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Legalize Democracy is a documentary film by Dennis Trainor, Jr. about a movement to amend the U.S. Constitution so that Corporations are not considered people, and money is not considered speech. Quite clearly, corporations would not collectively spend billions on lobbying if it had no return. For more information about ‘Move To Amend’, visit: https://movetoamend.org

Legalize Democracy (2014)

Formed in September 2009, Move to Amend is a coalition of hundreds of organizations and hundreds of thousands of individuals committed to social and economic justice, ending corporate rule, and building a vibrant democracy that is genuinely accountable to the people, not corporate interests. We are calling for an amendment to the US Constitution to unequivocally state that inalienable rights belong to human beings only, and that money is not a form of protected free speech under the First Amendment and can be regulated in political campaigns.


As a person, I would go to jail if I released oil into the local water. Can someone tell me which prison holds Mr. B.P. or Mr. Exxon?

This is a sobering account of how democracy was hijacked by big business both in the US and pretty much everywhere else. We must chose wisely with what little money we have left.

Would big corporations be interested in buying politicians if they didn’t have the power to regulate the economy?

Tucson Blonde
With CISA now passed, and the NDAA from 2012, we are ALL going to be watched for our civic actions to End Corporate Rule. All our liberties have been striped away. Who does not belong to the ruling class.

1) Companies aren’t people.
2) $ isn’t speech.

Very effective, informative and priceless. This movie tells so much. The message for me is that all races in America are inextricably linked for the success of solution to the dilemma we find ourselves in with Citizens United. It will take a mass movement of ALL of us, all classes, both sexes of Red, Black, Yellow, and White joined hand in hand to save this country from the jaws of the Fascist Corporate grip on our lives. The time is now!

We should be able to vote directly on Bills and Policies. I don’t want a representative. I want to represent myself.

Just immage if we did not have this corporate monster in our midst. If we can’t get this one overriding problem fixed, we can’t get anything else fixed.

Whereas we the people are created equal, and

whereas we the people are endowed with certain inalienable rights, and

whereas we the people instituted a government to secure these rights, and
whereas we the people lay the foundation on such principles, and organize its power in such form, as to us shall seem most likely to effect the above objective, do require the following Bill of Rights for Voting Equality.

  1. Each citizen of the United States at or exceeding the age of majority has the right to vote in any public election in the jurisdiction where he or she resides. That right shall not be denied or abridged by the United States, any State, agreement, person, or entity. After incarceration all rights shall resume.
  2. a) All citizens of the United States, residing in all states, shall have equal access, (the same requirements), to creating a political party and achieving a ballot line.

b) All candidates and parties of these United States, shall have equal time constraints to qualify for ballot access.

c) All requirement verifications will be received by a multi-partisan regulatory board, such as the Board of Elections.

d) All citizens that desire to be candidates, within these United States, shall register at their local Board of Elections.

e) The Board of Elections shall divide equally, the campaign tools for election purposes. All tools must be properly labeled as having been provided by the revenue stream and not a direct private donation.

f) Corporations are NOT people and Money is not speech. Elections shall be publicly funded. No private money may be used for a public office, or seat in the government. The citizen must have full confidence that no bribery or appearance of bribery is taking place.

  1. The District constituting the seat of Government of the United States shall elect Senators and Representatives in the Congress in such number and such manner as it would be entitled if it were a State.
  2. All citizens must be able to verify that the vote has been counted accurately. All ballots must be ABLE to be counted by hand. All counting must be supervised by multi-partisan personnel and recorded. Currently supporting the Dechert Method

a) There shall be at least one Representative to each thirty thousand citizens, per state.

b) Each state shall divide its population by 30,000 to determine its number of representatives.

c) Each Representative shall have the voting power equal to the number of citizens that voted for them.

d) Congress shall be unicameral, and the Senate shall be dissolved.

  1. All citizens shall have equal early voting hours in which to cast their vote. sufficient voting places, materials, and personnel shall be provided to reduce the voting time to within an hour.
  2. The Presidential/Vice-Presidential election shall be counted by (score or approval) counting.

Zen Karōshi
Democracy just means mob rules.

At least you don’t get sued for criticizing the government.

Tell that to Bradley Manning.

U.S.N Veteran
This documentary talks about restoring our country’s DEMOCRACY. This country was founded on the REPUBLIC. Those words are not interchangeable and there is a clear difference between the two. Our forefathers fought to stay a way from the Monarch, which is based upon a DEMOCRACY, which is written in their own memoirs. I understand the message of the film and agree with most of what its trying to get across. America was never designed to be Corporate America. Spreading DEMOCRACY leads to an OLIGARCHY which in short is The Elite ruling class. Those are the bodies that stand for the majority rule, or are those who become the MAJOR RULERS over all other classes. If we’re going to have a movement in this country, this film should recognize a restoration of The Republic over a Democracy. The title should read…'”Restoration of The Republic.” Just my opinion. Cheers. 😉

Nancy Pelosi
But we are a REPUBLIC. There is a massive difference between democracy and republic. A democracy is like a pack of wolves, you are the lamb. They will discuss how to have you for dinner. A republic is a sheriff who comes to your aid to insure that you have a fair voice in who is for dinner.

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