Hate Crime

A rant:
“Hate crime” laws are unconstitutional by nature. There is no rectifying this. Their sole purpose is to violate the 14th Amendment – the right to equal protection under the law. “Hate crime” laws exist to allow and even to require UNequal protection – better justice for some victims than other victims of the same crime. “Hate crime” laws demand that someone who is shot because of hatred be better protected by law than someone who is shot because of jealousy or sociopathy. Of course, the victim is still just as shot. It is time for Americans to put an end to this unequal protection. A victim of murder or attempted murder or of assault or robbery deserves the same protection under the law no matter why that victim was targeted. Likewise, a criminal deserves the same punishment – no lesser and no greater – under the law no matter whether a judge determines that the criminal had hatred in his heart or simply criminality. Otherwise, criminals are prosecuted for emotions rather than actions and victims are protected based on identity rather than victimization.This is so blatant a violation of the 14th Amendment and equal justice in general that only the dreaded accusation of being insufficiently “anti-racist” could compel Whites to support it.

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