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Corona by Dr. Schulz

Written by Dr Richard Shulze

September 2020: Dr. Schulze cuts through all the lies and misinformation to give us the facts about Coronavirus. From the scams to the politics to the greed, we may never know the truth about this virus, but we can always count on Dr. Schulze to deliver a healthy dose of common sense.

The medical profession will take generations to gain back the respect they flushed down the toilet for some Corona money.


Marilyn Mantis
I was working large hospital systems during the shutdown in a medical records area. My coworkers and I had no work for two months, and I didn’t see Jack Schitt bit of evidence of a pandemic. The only “pandemic” I saw was the fakestream media production.

Aqua Blue Ice
It”s all planned and they want certificate of vaccine identification, nano chips/invisible quantum dot “tattoo” accompanying the vaccine is a pattern made up of minuscule quantum dots tattoos. A new level of being tracked, etc. We all have to take back our power.

I think another lock down is right around the corner in the US. They want us to obey, be a sheep, plugged into AI (phone screens, social media) fake news, political puppets, and never think beyond what THEY want us to know and stuff us with BS. While they strip everything away from us. Almost everything is designed to destroy us. This is the last chance to wake up humanity. We need change. 2020 reminds me of the John Carpenter movie “They Live.”

I want to go off grid and grow my own food. I feel a food shortage will come. America is crumbling. We need to all come together. We ain’t having it.

Stef Bryce
Makes so much sense. I was not aware of the hospital payouts. I believe that following the money always leads to the truth. Hard to believe the positive results for people who went home-crazy!

Thank you for all your wisdom. You are the best! : )

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