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  • “What do you think you have an immune system for?! It’s for killing germs! And despite all my so called risky behavior, I never get infections, because I have a good strong immune system, and it gets a lot of practice” -George Carlin

  • After my son got the MMR vaccine at 12 weeks old, he got projectile diarrhea, would scream for 12 hours a day for months. Now over 30, he still has temper problems and other bad things. I believe his brain was damaged by vaccines!!!!

  • My son regressed into autism at three and a half. He lost all his speech fine motor skills, becomes self harming, aggressive and challenging. He is double incontinent and has severe learning difficulties. He was speaking and playing up to three and a half !!!!! I blame vaccines. He is in 52 week residential placement and comes home once a month. This is a life long sentence for him and the whole family. How many more children will be vaccine injured before it stops .

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