Australian Democracy

In Australia the politicians get their votes from the people but their instructions from corporations and lobby groups. Some of these are foreign influenced or controlled. Australian politics has become a power-sharing arrangement between two major parties and has become a two party duopoly. Every few years we throw out the awful and replace them with a party that we threw out for incompetence a few years before. We are given a choice between big government capitalism or big government socialism. But both support their sponsors. Both political parties support the debt banking system. Both political parties and the media support every war dreamed up overseas against enemies manufactured by media. The political parties themselves are not democratic. The branch members must follow the policies dictated by their executive. The executive has a tendency to follow instructions from their sponsors. Currently urgent. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a trade agreement being used to implement dodgy legislation. It allows corporations to sue governments for loss of profit even if their activities destroy the environment or damage humans. It needs to be stopped.

Policies in a nutshell

This is a political party that has a set of policies that are considered to be the ideal policies for Australia. When these policies are finalised, the The Great Australian Dream will be registered as a political party.

The Great Australian Dream recognises that whilst the nation and individuals allow Private Banking Corporations to create the loans of the nation, both the nation and the people will become indebted to Private Banking Corporations. The debts magnify by interest creating a situation where there is more debt than money. These debts are thus unpayable. The Private Banking Corporations have thus become the de facto money creators of the nation. Money is created for new loans without any activity at the Reserve Bank. The reality is that only five percent of the nation's money being created by the Reserve Bank. The Great Australian Dream of owning a house will disappear for most Australians as prosperity can only occur when only the government has the power to create money. When Private Corporations create create credit, indebtedness and political influence occurs. It is truly frightening that big business and foreign lobby groups have so much influence over our government.

  The government shall be accountable to the people, not to it's biggest spending lobby groups and never to foreign influenced lobby groups or corporations. Lobbyists undermine democracy and need to be curtailed. We will not allow moneyed interests to influence government policy.

  Australia shall never allow government decisions to be influenced by foreign financed organisations or foreign governments. We will not tolerate foreign intervention in our national government in any form.

  Only the government shall have the authority to create the money of the nation. This includes cash folding notes and the virtual digital money. About 5% of Australia's money, the cash folding notes, is created by the Reserve Bank of Australia. Cash is used mainly in the retail area. The remaining 95% of Australia's money is Virtual Digital Money that exists as numbers in bank accounts. This Virtual Digital Money commonly called 'Commercial Bank Money' is created as debt and credit in equal amounts when loans are made. The debt magnifies with interest creating the situation where there is three times as much debt as there is money. In Australia and internationally the debts have become unpayable. China has learnt much from the West and has retained control of its exchange. China keeps its exchange rate away from international banking corporations and runs national public banks and public development banks to facilitate rapid development. This is the same formula used in Australia from 1911 to 1922. 1911 “Commonwealth Bank of Australia” transformed Australia into the most prosperous nation in the world and “The China Development Bank” has been used to bring China from a poor nation to a global force in one lifetime.

  The income tax system fails to adequately tax the very rich.

  State Public Banks will bring home ownership levels to the old levels of the 'Great Australian Dream'. Private banking corporations tend to lend to those that already have money and to those that already own one, two, three or four houses thus pricing houses out of the reach of ordinary working Australians. The Charter of the new State Public Banks will specifically be to loan to owner occupiers, local small and medium business, first time small business owners and entrepreneurial first time start-ups. The Charter of the new State Public Banks will specifically exclude lending for speculative purchases. This would commonly include purchase of properties for speculative price rise and for speculative purchases on the stock and share markets and speculative foreign exchange trading.

  State Public Banks will dramatically reduce or eliminate state public debt. State Public Debt is by definition money owed to Private Banking Corporations. We shall return to the system used in Australia in our most prosperous time and the system used by our most rapidly developing trade partner, China. State Public Banks remove the need for state governments to borrow from private banking corporations. Sensibly managed, State Public Banks eliminate state debt and provide a better standard of living for state residents.

  State Public Banks will will reduce the stress and heartache on farmers under current banking practices. No productive farmer should be put under financial stress. They are producing the food we eat and as such should not be under financial duress by Private Banking Corporations. The current banking system sucks the life blood out of our agricultural sector. Yet foreign corporations backed by more realistic foreign National Public and Development Banks manage to move into Australia and operate successfully and do not have the impediment of Private Banking Corporations. We call for an immediate moratorium on cruel foreclosures on Australian farmers. State Public Bank loans at an expected 2% interest will be available to farmers of family owned farms producing food for national consumption or export.

  Homeowners Protection will protect against current foreclosure practices where the homeowner can be in financial strife even after loosing the house. The mortgagee can only collect on the value of the house.

  State Public Banks will support small, medium and family business.

  Capitalism only works when the government creates the money. It is the only way money can be created without associated debt.

  Great Australian Dream supports the policies on liberty and freedom as documented by Liberty Victoria.

  The money of the nation will be spent into society as it was in the original 1911 “Commonwealth Bank of Australia”. This was affectionately known as the “Peoples Bank” because of the way it transformed Australia into a prosperous nation.

  Income tax will be dramatically reduced or replaced by a Financial Transactions Tax. A Financial Transactions Tax is commonly known as a Robin Hood Tax. A Financial Transactions Tax of between 0.05% and 0.1% is capable of equitably replacing our current Income Tax System and the GST System. This is between 50c and $1 on each $1000 transaction. Current GST as a tax, heavily impacts ordinary working and middle class people and is currently $100 per $1000.

  Healthy individuals within healthy families are the core of a healthy Australian society. It is important that individuals are raised in a loving, functional and secure family. Children raised in functional secure happy families are less prone to crime, drugs and tend to be more productive and vibrant members of society.

  A National Development Bank along the lines of the original 1911 “Commonwealth Bank of Australia” will remove the need for ”National Debt”. National Debt arrived when private banking corporations took over the financing of nations around 300 years ago. A National Development Bank will fund all major infrastructure projects as was done when building the Trans-Australian Railway and other great projects of years ago. This is the formula currently being used in China.

  We need a smart efficient internal economy that relies on non-polluting systems and energy sources.

  The 'War on Drugs' is a failure. Laws on drugs are doing more harm than good. Drug issues are a health and social issue, not a crime. Clearly the authorities have not managed to stop the growing of 'illegal' drugs, the processing of drugs, the transport of drugs, the financing of drugs, the taxation of drug profits, the demand for drugs and the consumption of drugs. The drug control systems in Sweden and Portugal shall be used as the models to follow. Portugal abolished all criminal penalties for personal possession of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine and has massively reduced its drug issues. The fear of prison drives addicts underground. Jail is more expensive than treatment. People found guilty of possessing small amounts of drugs are sent to a panel consisting of a psychologist, social worker and legal adviser for appropriate treatment. It is grossly inefficient for a nation to lock up its youth for drug issues that could be sorted by other means.
Great Australian Dream follows the policies of 'Drug Law Reform Australia' and is supportive of the Hemp Party and aligns closely with the drug policy of The Pirate Party.

  The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secretive, multi-national trade agreement that threatens to extend restrictive intellectual property (IP) laws across the globe and rewrite international rules on its enforcement. The TPP will make it easier for big business and international corporations to act across borders without interference from states. The TPP will effectively destroy state control in favour of corporations in areas such as the environment, workers rights, internet freedom, food safety, medicine, and finance. The TPP is a simple way for corporations to enact dodgy legislation by the backdoor method of calling it a 'Free Trade Agreement'. The so called 'Free Trade Agreement' then allows corporations to sue the government if the corporation does not get its way. The TPPA will have a huge impact on Australians both now and into the future. The TPP needs to be stopped.

Suggested websearch "stop the tpp australia".

  Before entering into any invasions or wars there will be a people's referendum. On the principle that we will not allow others to invade our country or kill our people or influence our government, we will not invade other countries and kill their people. We recognise that Australia has entered wars against other countries without good reason. We recognise that we have been allied to countries that have committed atrocities, foreign political manipulation and human rights violations.

Stop War UK.

No Glory in War.

  Only the best quality foods should be available to Australians and shall be free from the taint of chemicals, pesticides and modification. Australians deserve the right to farm and eat GM free. Genetically modified foods should at least be labelled as such so that those that wish not to risk GM foods can do so. If research finds that GM foods pose too great a risk to the health of the nation, GM foods will be banned nation wide.

SBS Factbox: GM foods in Australia.

Australians want GM free food.

  Organic farming should be encouraged and not strangled with red tape. Organic farming should not need justification and authentication. Non-organic farming should need justification and labelling.

  Australia will set it own exchange rate.

  The health of the people of the nation is paramount. The food industry and authorities must maintain the health of the people as their highest priority. We follow the ideas and concerns of 'Down to Earth Mother'.

  Litter and pollution is everyone's business not just the state. All methods must be used to cut litter and pollution. It is a community problem for the community to solve.

  End the failed practice of subsidising and giving concessions to corporations. End the practice of corporate bail-outs for big business.

  Australia needs economic and tax justice with multinational companies paying their fair share of tax. The Great Australian Dream follows the basic policies and work of the Tax Justice Network-Australia.

  If the banks falter, nationalise them.

  Copyright laws do not match the digital world of today and restrict progress. Reforms are needed to legalise common practices where copyright owners interests are not harmed and where people innocently infringe copyright law. The Great Australian Dream endorses the 'Copyright Policy' initiative of the Pirate Party.

  To restore trust in our democracy, a system of Direct Democracy needs to be added where the people of a country play a direct part in decision making. Australians should be able to at least do the following through a citizens’ initiative: They should be able to recall a government which is believed to be not performing. They should be able to recall a politician that is not performing. They should be able to reject a law which goes against their wishes. They should be able to propose a law. See the very untidy website: Great Australian Dream accepts the policy titled 'Citizens Initiatives' of the Pirate Party.

  Representative democracy has not always been considered a true form of democracy. Representative democracy is only a valid form of democracy when the elected representatives represent the interests of those who elect them rather than representing the interests of other entities including national and international lobby groups and national and international corporations. If other interests take precedence then the system becomes what is called a “thin democracy” or a "fake democracy". All aspiring politicians must join a major political party and follow the policy dictates of the party. This creates the situation where their primary loyalties are to the political party which itself is a corporate entity. And this corporate entity is liable to be heavily influenced by its financial backers. The initiatives of the Direct Democracy movements will help to correct this.

  Measures need to be taken to protect Australia's bees. We must protect the bees, for our future is dependent on their future. No bees, no flowers. No flowers, no food.

  Great Australian Dream Biosecurity Policy is to help producers reduce the risks posed by diseases, pests and weeds to crops and livestock. This policy is to encourage producers to minimise risks through good practices. We follow the guidelines as outlined on the 'Farm Biosecurity' website.

  Measures need to be taken to protect Australia's farm assets including land and soil.

  The nation can only remaining competitive if it has a vibrant and dynamic education system. School education needs to be engaging and relevant and produce citizens with high standards in diction, practical skills, academic skills and logical and deductive thought processes.Science needs to be made exciting and mathematics needs to be relevant and interesting. Tertiary education needs to be free and establishments held to the task of producing capable graduates particularly in the areas needed to make Australia internationally competitive. It is clear that Australia requires trained individuals to operate efficiently and that Australia makes a net financial gain out from training its youth. It is thus unfair load debt onto those that are willing to forgo income for the years that they spend studying to enable Australia to be an efficient productive nation. We follow this policy because it is the best policy for the nation and not because it is the best policy for the student. Should we follow the German way of free higher education? 'My Student Debt'.

  The best sustainability and environmental policy is to ensure there is no internal or external government debt to private banking corporations. The National External Debt to International Banking Corporations drives excessive exports, resource extraction and sale and sale of national assets and land. A National public bank will reverse this trend.

  The upper house needs to be independent of political influence. The Senate has little impact as a house of review if it merely rubberstamps all lower house legislation. The upper house needs a level of independence to review and stop bad legislation.

  Food endangerment. Criminal liability will be imposed on companies producing food that may harm human health. This may include the producers, sellers and transporters of genetically modified organisms.

  No sane civilisation would endanger its water supply. Laws will be passed to make it illegal for any person or company to engage in activities that may endanger water supplies. This includes directors and workers engaged in fracking. The Great Australian Dream policies match the 'Principles' of the Lock the Gate Alliance. The Great Australian Dream basically aligns with the policies of 'No Fracking Way' and 'The Clean Water, Healthy Land Alliance'.

  The Great Australian Dream believes that full support is required for family businesses,small and medium business and the general concept of individual enterprise. At present The Great Australian Dream accepts the approach taken by 'The Council of Small Business Australia'.

  Referendums will be online and frequent. If we can bank online, we can vote online in referendums.

  The history of Australia is aboriginal history. The best of aboriginal history, stories, traditions, culture and sustainable practices shall be taught in schools. There is much to be learnt from aboriginal sustainable land management practices of the past that can be used to correct the rapidly increasing land pollution from chemicals, pesticides, litter and fracking and the loss of land productivity from profit driven farming methods.

  The house is a basic need of both the individual and the family, therefore it should not be owned by others. The Great Australian Dream supports the concept of home ownership and believes the best way to achieve this is by ending financial advantages to landlords and speculators. The financial advantage is commonly called 'Negative Gearing'. And secondly ensuring that mortgage credit is available to young families through State Public Banks.

  The Great Australian Dream believes that civil liberties in the digital world need to be defended. We support the stand taken by The Electronic Frontier Foundation, the leading non-profit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. EFF champions user privacy, free expression, grassroots activism, and technology development. The Electronic Frontier Foundation works to ensure that rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected. Protecting access to developing technology is central to advancing freedom for all.

  Australia Post is a public asset and shall continue as a public asset with public service as it's priority. In small communities, the post office is an important part of the social infrastructure. We fight any proposal to privatise Australia Post. 'CWU submission to Parliament'

  Australia Post should expand its services to include banking. It's banking services would act as a 'Public Bank' and strengthen Australia Post as a public enterprise and provide banking services in regional and rural areas. There are many examples of Public Postal Banks including Kiwibank with more than 850,000 customers, La Banque Postale, France is a subsidiary of La Poste with 10.6 million customers and Banco Posta of the Italian Post Office. Suggested websearch "postal banks".

  Nuclear power’s great attraction is that it would maintain the corporate grip on energy infrastructure at a time when diversified and distributed renewable energy systems threaten to democratise energy supply.

  When the government of country does not issue its own currency it sends the country into debt to the private banking corporations. Under the mathematics of usury the debt rapidly exceeds the ability to pay and the creditor class gain a grip on all economic and political power in the nation.

Our policies align with The People’s Bank Party.

We support the stand taken by The Bank Reform Party and Unhappy Banking. Although we would like to see them extend their policies to the solution provided by Public Banks.

We accept the logic as documented at Prosperity UK.

We applaud the support for Glass-Steagall by the CEC and their bank nationalisation policy. We recommend subscribing to their weekly email bulletins provided you ignore their tirade against the Queen.

We applaud the logic on The Money Reform Party (UK) website.

  If local businesses are denied credit, multinationals will flourish. Credit should be provided by State Public Banks. State Public Banks by their charter have to lend locally to first time home buyers and local business. We fully support the policies of The Public Banking Institute.

  Australia will support no country or regime that uses violence to control its people.

  A government that gags journalists is a dangerous government.

  Encourage young entrepreneurs.

  Clear felling of forests will be banned.

  Recognition is needed that enhanced education raises economic output per capita. Free tertiary education benefits the nation more than the benefit to the individual student.

  Forcing job applications for non-existing jobs is illogical. The government's task is to make sure that there is enough employment or entrepreneurial opportunity to occupy the unemployed. Most of this would be cured by creating state and local public banks so that there is adequate funding for local start-ups and entrepreneurial small business activity.

  We do not support any country that has religious intolerance as a policy.

  The creation of money by any private individual or company shall be illegal irrespective of whether the creation is by counterfeit fake notes or digital entries in computers with the same penalties. All money must originate from a publicly owned and operated central authority under the control of the Treasury. The only exception shall be regional issues of Local Currencies, Alternative Currencies and Community Currencies similar to the Bristol Pound, Brixton Pound, Totnes Pound, Lewes Pound, Stroud Pound, the forty cities in Germany that use local currencies and others in other countries such as Italy and France.

  Local Currencies, Alternative Currencies and Community Currencies shall be encouraged with the aim of promoting local economies and reducing the impact of centralisation of money creation in a capital city and taxation spent mainly from state capitals.

  Something similar to a Department of Truth is required to ensure that Australians are not misled with disinformation. This is particularly aimed at media networks and foreign organisations ant their ability to influence public opinion. This is not the Ministry of Truth as depicted in 1984 by George Orwell. The Department of Truth is to ensure that the public are never deceived or lied to or given false of misleading information by government or media or the education system. The youth of Australia commonly express the opinion that they do not trust the information from the media but they also do not know where to find the truth.

  Australia needs to prepare itself for the end of the "Dollar Era". We need to recognise the likely bankruptcy of the US, its inability to compete on global markets, Washington’s inability to save its financial system and its inability to service its international debt.